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Binding WMS layers fields with store from geoserver to a combo box using geoext,extjs,openlayers and geoserver?

I am working on opensource can anyone help me in How to bind wms layers fields with store from geoserver to a combo box using geoext,extjs,openlayers and GeoServer? I am facing problem in binding the ...
1 vote
0 answers

GeoExt 2 & Ext 4

I just started using GeoExt as well as Ext. I have been trying to get tutorials to get me started with GeoExt 2. I only find tutorials for Geoext 1. I have an error that says "please verify that map....
4 votes
1 answer

OpenLayers 3 OSM layers in ExtJS 5 looks stretched

I've created OL3 OSM layer in ExtJS 5 (previously did it with OL2). On my desktop everything looks fine , but on the mobile phone the map looks stretched (This is denver for example). This is the ...
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1 answer

geoexplorer add north panel

I need to add a header to my GeoExplorer application in the same way they do here Where should I modify the code to achieve this? I try adding Ext.Panel within ...
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1 answer

OpenLayers 2.13 floating components resize not working

In my application i am using ExtJS4. After upgrade from OpenLayers 2.12 to 2.13.1 i noticed that i am unable to resize windows (floating components) that are on top of the map, like the resize action ...
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Thematic mapping [closed]

What is the best way to develop thematic maps? I would like to generate pie charts and fill polygons with different colors depending on a parameter value. I'm working with ExtJS 4.2 and OpenLayers.
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3 answers

ExtJS 4.2 layout crush on latest chrome but not on old one in full screen

I've noticed that only in chrome my GeoExt app crush when I open many layers. If I resize the window , the layout seems to look good , once I resize to bigger screen , it mess again. The app code ...