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when extending line geometry by a specified amount at the start and end of the line

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Generating centerline of a polygon feature, extending line feature - ArcGIS Pro

I am attempting to generate centerlines of polygon features using Polygon to Centerline in ArcGIS Pro. My goal in this effort is to create a straight line directly through the center of the feature. I ...
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Does Extend (ArcGIS Pro) not work with lines pointing the same way?

I have lines along sidewalks those lines have gaps between them. I want to bridge the gaps with a 5' threshold. Extend doesn't seem to work with lines pointing the same direction, and only ...
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Automatically extend lines to node in QGIS

Problem: In QGIS I would like to automatically "connect" several lines to a node that is close to them by extending the lines. The objective is that the coordinates of the vertex of the ...
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Extending several lines at once using polygon reference layer in QGIS

I have transverse shapefile lines (blue line) with a fixed length and I would like to extend them (orange line) using another reference layer (green polygon) that has a variable shape. The 'extend' ...
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Extending line with given distance

I have (⋅)p1 and (⋅)p2, two geographic points (wgs84) with latitude, longitude, and altitude. I need to calculate point (⋅)p3 in a specific distance (in meters) from (⋅)p2 along (⋅)p1 to (⋅)p2. Any ...
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Extending only one end of line using PyQGIS

From Shortening line with PyQGIS I was able to make a nice tool where the user can click one end of the line or the other and only that end will be shortened. the function is here: def shorten_line(...
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Extending line features to another line features with same attribute value using ArcGIS Pro

I am using ArcGIS Pro. I have received a set of contour lines from a third-party person. After analyzing the polyline data, I have seen a bunch of contour lines having a gap between other contour ...
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How to extend a line to Intersect another line

I've received shapefiles for import into a pipeline modeling program. One of the issues I have is that after the shapefiles are imported, close examination shows that pipelines that should have ...
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Creating line between point layer and line layer in QGIS

My goal is to create a line layer that is derived from the distance between a point layer and a line layer. An example could be using a line layer representing a road and a point layer representing a ...
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Extending lines to their Bounding Box in QGIS

How to extend lines to Bounding Box in QGIS as in the following image: Figure 1: Lines Figure 2: Lines extended to Bounding Box Link to Shapefile of Bounding Box:
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Generate parcel-adjacency polygons?

I have a parcel layer (blue polygons) and a road centerline layer (black lines). I want to generate polygons that represent the portion of the road right-of-way that is adjacent to each parcel (...
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Extending line to points an unspecified distance using ArcMap? [duplicate]

I would like to extend polylines (roads) to existing points (addresses points). Mostly driveways that are very close to the points. Extend Line does not do it since it requires a specified distance ...
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Extend many line of a given distance

I have a feature with hundreds of lines and I need to extend all the lines of a given distance (for example all of 100 meter). Is there a function in ArcGIS to do it automatically?
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ArcPy: Kernel Density Extend (Default + 5000 Meters)

I in my Kernel Density Loop i want the Processing Extend to be Default + 5000m Does anyone know how this might be done? This is the Code: import arcpy,os from arcpy import env from import *...
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How to define voronoi polygon buffer extend in QGIS from layer extend

I'm using QGIS (2.8.1) Voronoi Polygons Algorithm and I would like to extrapolate them to a polygon layer extend. In order to do this, the tool opens a window asking me to enter a number or expression ...
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How to extend Raster layer without pixel value data losing [duplicate]

I got 2 different raster layers one of them black and white representing the river road. This river raster has pixel values stand for height. I want to extend the size of river in order to show, if ...
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Extending Polygon to Another Polygon with Automation? [closed]

I need to extend the polygons in blue to match the red polygons using automation, since there are thousands of these. It seems like a simple thing to do, but I have not found a suitable way to ...
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Extending lines grouped by same value using ArcPy of ArcGIS Pro?

I'm trying to extend lines grouped by same value inside column. So what i want to do is extend lines for each line with same WireID only. So for example lines with WireID 2 should all be extened to ...
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Extend polygon to polyline feature (keeping attributes)

I am looking to extend the polygon feature to the to the coastline polyline (blue line) while keeping the attributes of the polygon features (Figure below). What I am looking to do is find the ...
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Extend tool appears to do nothing?

Anyone know if there's some secret magic parameters that need to be set for the Extend and Trim (Editing Toolbox) tools in ArcMap to run properly? I have a dataset of about 2000 "interior" lines ...
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Extend line (utility-water) to polygon (building)

I have several thousand water lines that need to simply be extended to the edge of the nearest building. Some of my lines do touch or intersect the buildings and some don't. They are ranging from a ...
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Extending lines to Points without altering original geometry using ArcMap?

Is there an efficient way to extend lines to points in ArcMap? I have a utilities dataset, where I do not want to change the original geometry, but instead add to it in order for end vertices of lines ...
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Extend polygons to match another polygon in ArcGIS

I am struggling with this task :( I have various layers, all having a common outer shape (see the blue polygon in the picture). On of those polygons however, has a different shape. I somehow need ...
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Extending line segment to polygon edge using ArcGIS for Desktop?

I am trying to extend line segments to the related parcel. There is not an address field in the line segment but there is a year field. The year field is what needs to be added to the parcel to ...
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How to extend a straight line in postgis?

I have a postgis table of simple linestrings, each one is a straight line with just two points. I want to select every linestring, but extended from both sides by 1 meter. So i have lines, that are ...
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Is there a tool that allows the same functionality of extend/trim feature that was available in 9.3?

In ArcGIS 9.3 there was a tool called Extend/Trim Features that allowed you to select multiple segments and extend or trim them to a feature. In 10.1 that seems to have been moved to the Production ...
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Extending Polyline in ArcGIS without intersecting line?

I am trying to extend the ends of each line I have in a seismic survey 2 miles. I have tried using the extend line (Editor) tool but it needs an intersecting line to move to. Does anyone know how to ...
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Set Grass Region in Python grass.script

How can I set the Grass Region in Python without already having a map in the Mapset? Basically I am looking for the equivalent to this window Currently I am only able to extent an existing region, ...
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Extending line by specified distance in ArcGIS for Desktop?

I have a purely aesthetic layer which has arrow symbols. Some aren't showing up right because the line is too small. I have selected maybe 50 records where I need to extend this line by a given number ...
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