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How to use Facebook (GeoTIFF) maps on Carto?

My intuition is that the maps that Facebook generated for most countries are most useful on interactive maps like Carto's, as the killer feature is the resolution for which you'd need to zoom in. ...
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When Facebook returns place long/lat, what projection do they use?

When Facebook Places Search API returns place long/lat, what coordinate system and units of measurement do they use? According to this question, In what coordinate system and unit measures the ...
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How to know where views are being generated from in CartoDB?

I see in my dashboard that I can hover over a map and see how much it is being viewed. Many services, like mapbox and even youtube show you where your views are being generated from or perhaps it just ...
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Embeds with iFrames and Scripts in CartoDB InfoWindows

How is it possible to embed content — like YouTube-Videos, Twitter-Tweets, Facebook-Posts, Instagram-Photos or any other kind of embeds — into a InfoWindow in CartoDB? In my Dataset there is a row ...
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Adding Facebook and Twitter sharing to CartoDB infowindows?

Trying to add share buttons to output something like: {{region}} text {{region_variable}} text The below works very intermittently for Twitter, but when I share the URL, the map won't ...
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Usage policy on the Facebook Place API

Do you know if there are requirements or restrictions on Facebook Place API? Is it possible to download the data? Is it open-source?
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