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3 votes
1 answer

Parsing KML file with FastKML

I try to parse a KML file to retrieve the polygon names and -coordinates. I try to do this with FastKML (also tried pykml and element.tree, but no result). Reading the KML seems to be good. However, ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Extracting coordinates of placemark from KML using FastKML?

I would like to parse a KML document in order to put the information (names of placemarks, coordinates) into a python array for further processing. This is what I have so far: from fastkml import kml ...
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How can one easily differentiate KML placemarks of polygon and icon type?

I'm using fastkml in python to parse a large kml file where Google Earth has made a new style for every placemark. I'm trying to parse subfolders which contain a point placemark and/or a polygon ...
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Get points from a kml LineString

I have a KML file with a LineString. I'm trying to load the points in Python. I'd like to use the FastKml library, but am open to other solutions. FastKml has one example for reading KML, but I have ...
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Converting KML files for use with Python library Shapely

I am trying to get a KML-file (wijken.kml) into Shapely. The KML-file is validated against the proper XML schema, so I guess the input is correct. Routes I have tried: 1) Converting to WKT or WKB ...
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