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Questions tagged [feature-id]

Use this tag for questions related to the unique ID of a feature. Do not use this tag for attributes related to an id.

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Calculate between features in sequence without matching ids with PyQGIS

In another question (Loop an operation in all features) I asked about calculating the time difference between features, I was told that I could use this code (this code is from BERA): layer = ...
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Add feature ID to NDVI timseries in GEE

I have calculated NDVI timeseries for multiple points. I need to export a csv file that has the NDVI values, Date and ID or coordinates of points. The following script provides both the NDVI values ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to get the feature ID of the first feature using PyQGIS?

I'm trying to automate a workflow by making a PyQGIS script, but I haven't used Python before, so it's all a rollercoaster making it work. I noticed after some vector processing on a shapefile layer ...
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no feature ID when polygonizing raster with python GDAL

I'm trying to polygonize the following binary raster: The output is a polygon layer (ESRI shapefile) that looks good, however, doesn't have FIDs for the features and thus I am not able to iterate ...
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Changing feature id's of a layer using PyQGIS

How can I change the feature id's of a layer using PyQGIS to an attribute value of that feature, where the attribute value is a unique integer? Is that possible at all, and if so, how? Things like: ...
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