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A standard way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file

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Library for parsing scientific PDS files?

Does a library exist for parsing the PDS files that scientific planetary data gets shipped as? For example, here's a link to to the lunar topographic data from the Lunar Reconnaisance spacecraft (it'...
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Mapsforge .map output from QGIS

Is there any way to output Mapsforge .map-files from QGIS? I am trying to create a map to be displayed by OruxMaps, and Mapsforge seems to be the best format to use but I am not an expert. Currently I ...
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QGIS 3.10 .qgz~ backup file

I noticed that xxx.qgz~ (BackupVersion) is no longer saved with this version. My research found that a backup file is still being created. All of my projects with this version did not create any. Is ...
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What is a good way to retrieve geographic data along with images and mp3 files?

I'm working in the Django backend of an audio guide for tourism with mobile devices. Basically, the client (Phonegap app for Android and iOS) can follow a route over a map (Leaflet client) and see ...
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GFS SIG/SFC file format of siganl.gdas/sfcanl.gdas analyzing/decoding problem

I am creating a database from datafiles. I encountered many fails and errors, which I have already fixed (also with the help of this Q&A web). Now I am stucked a bit in decoding of 6 files because ...
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Is there a way in QGIS to display vector files on a shared drive without others being able to edit the file?

So just like lyr-files in ArcGIS. I have read that qlr-files are QGIS answer to lyr. But as far as I can see when I try, the receiver can edit in the main source of the data through the qlr-file. So ...
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When is HDF or GeoTIFF best?

For my use case, I'm specifically referring to HDF-EOS. I'm trying to analyse ASTER data so am wondering which format I should utilise. I know GeoTIFF is easier and more compatible, yet HDF has ...
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Converting .gri to topojson

I am making client-end javascript-powered maps in the context of web development. I am not using gdal, which I gather is a special kind of rendering software. Data source site: http://www.diva-gis....
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TransCAD file format for matrix data

I've never used TransCAD before. I have what I believe to be a TransCAD matrix file called data.mtx which I would like to be able to convert to some other file formats. I would prefer to do this at ...
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What are the top 5 file types for 3D model?

I don't know much about GIS but I'm investigating a project that requires a 3D model of a hilly large town (town centre, suburbs, golfcourse, etc.). I'm not certain which file-type of these ...
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'File is too big' error when uploading QGIS Plugin

I have written a simple QGIS plugin which zooms the map canvas to a user specified UK postcode. I would like to share the plugin but the csv file, which contains stripped down OS Code-Point open data ...
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Is it safe to omit the xyz_styles.db in .qgz?

I like the .qgs format (which is basically a XML file), since I can quickly edit-replace it as a text document to bulk-update file paths/layer names. Also it is nicely usable with version control (...
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What's in (project-name)

In addition to a project file, project-name.qgs, QGIS is saving Deleting the .zip file seems not to have a significant effect. A new one gets created when I save the ...
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File type for value relation widget in a shapefile (QGIS)

In QGIS 3.18. This question is related to this one which has not been answered; my hope is that a broader question will help solve my problem. I have a shapefile layer for which I want some attributes ...
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Download ALL data for an area from OpenStreetMap

I am trying to download ALL the OpenStreetMap data for a certain region. Meaning, I want the roads, the stores, the rivers, the parks, the traffic signals, the bus stops, ... everything. I'm ...
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Define Terrain/Elevation textfile data format

I have a program that can visualize terrain/elevation data but will only recognize files in the below format. It has the extension .map but it is not recognized by QGIS or GDAL so I believe it may be ...
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Radio Signal Coverage Standard for GIS

Is there any Standard data format for Radio Signal Coverage for GIS? Something like GPX or KML (or other XML/JSON/etc-based) for routes, tracks, POI, etc. But for signal strength, base radio stations ...
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Convert KAP files

I've got some .KAP files which are missing spatial data and as such, I cannot convert them into something more useful like a .TIF image. I've been using FME which errors on these files with "Failed to ...
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Importing CGM format using QGIS

I would like to know is it possible to read or import a CGM file using QGISand also export other file format back to CGM using QGIS.( Is there ...
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What is a good data structure and file format for describing road network geometry AND topology?

I am trying to emulate the road network from OSM or Google (or Waze, etc.) locally, so that I can run some algorithms on it. For that, I want to represent these roads as graphs, where each edge would ...
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Download WFS features as shapefile using ArcGIS Server

I've been looking everywhere for a way to output a shapefile in ArcServer. A sample ArcServer WFS GetCapabilities response says all the output is either in GML, KML, or JSON. This is is very easy ...
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GIS system for displaying GDSII(*.gds) format?

I want to display vector graphics on raster graphics and I have vector scheme in GDSII format. There are some viewers for GDSII like KLayout for example, but they don't support raster graphics. Is ...
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Where can I find the format specification for LSLIFF data?

I have an LSLIFF file which should contain some map contour data, and I want to write a renderer for it, but to do that I need to understand the file format. A preliminary search has not turned up ...
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Display Dolfin XML in Web Browser?

I got a mesh as Dolfin XML and would like to know if there is anybody that had some experiences with the web visualisation of it. Is it possible to convert in X3D?
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What is the best way to handle geometries between Python functions?

What is the best way to handle geometries between different Python functions? For example: I have a function that exports a line from grass.script. The line will be a parameter of another function ...
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android to qgis exchange data format

I need to create a qgis plugin to import dip and dip direction data from an android compass app into an (existing) bedding data layer. I need some suggestion about the best exchange file format; my ...
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Storing the standard distance of a centroid alongside the centroid coordinates

I'd like to calculate and save a centroid (the central tendency) of a set of points as well as the standard distance (i.e. the root mean squared distance to the centroid). I can store the centroid as ...
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How is data formatted in the Environment Agency's LiDAR Composite DSM 1m files

I haven't been able to find how the level data is formatted in the files and hopefully somebody knows. The files have an asc identifier and data is typically formatted as follows (from file ...
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WCS Unable to render RenderedOp

I have a GeoServer running with Tomcat, which serves GeoTIFF files as WMS, and it runs fine. Now I am trying to set WCS. It works with plain/text and application/gml-xml formats, but image/jpeg and ...
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ERROR 000582 from clip processes in ArcPy

Durring execution of clip in arcpy, an error has occurred. It is showing ExecuteError: ERROR 000582: Error occurred during execution. import arcpy arcpy.env.workspace = (r"L:\\Arcpy\\Data\\...
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Convert .ply and .lin files to any file format readable by QGIS?

My issue: I'm trying to open .ply and .lin files in QGIS but they do not appear to be supported, (although this might also have to do with the fact that there are actual issues with my data - see ...
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Converting shapefile to .grd file?

I am new in ArcMap while using R Crisis software. I need to convert a shapefile into a .grd file. I read back the previous questions and answer and tried to execute and pop up that it was ...
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Maxent out of bound error?

I selected my climate data from wordclim ( tile 29 ) and then used QGis to convert the data to .asc format . My occurrence data is in degree decimal.But when I run Maxent on any layer it says that the ...
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