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QGIS - Is it possible to select only features of one particular colour from a georeferenced image?

QGIS 30.0 Windows 10 Pro I have a project to which I want to add a layer. The source for the new layer is a Tif image on which areas of infestation of a plant disease are shown in an orange colour. I ...
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Filtering date field on year using QGIS

In QGIS I'm trying to filter a specific year out of my field dates (type = QDate). It should not be so hard, still I'm unable to make it work. I've tried for instance: year("surveys_date") =...
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QGIS dynamic filtering parent and child features

I have in QGIS 3.22 point layer, I'm trying to visualize the table: fid point_name parent_relation_to_fid 1 point-X 1 2 point-Y 1 3 point-X 2 4 point-Z 3 5 point-Y 3 6 point-X 2 7 point-Z 4 I ...
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Matching lower level shapefiles with higher level shapefiles

I was trying to combine two shapefiles with different levels of administrative units. when I run it, it is showing error like this. Feature (344) from “Sector_Boundary_2006” has invalid geometry. ...
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Filtering Data to Categorize Points in QGIS

I have a geojson file with all my data, in QGIS I only want to display some points and have tried to filter them through symbology for the layer doing so by making them categorized points and using an ...
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Is GPS data already filtered?

I was driving around in my car, with a GPS module on the roof. The data I collected is somewhat suspicious. The module I used is a standalone GPS module (L80-M39) integrated into a PiHat LORA-module. ...
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Masking non-vegetation areas in image

I'm having a little trouble masking non-vegetation areas in my images. I'm using Sentinel-2 images, and I have land use and cover across my country (Brazil). To this end, I reclassified this land use ...
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Lizmap content filtering for different users and other

I am absolute begginer with Lizmap. It would be great if I could get some explanation so i am able to continue with Lizmap and my Qgis data web publishment project. Can i setup content filtering in ...
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