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Fast Line-of-sight Atmospheric Analysis of Hypercubes

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Improving FLAASH atmospheric correction to accurately represent subtle features in a target's spectral profile?

I am attempting to use ERDAS target detection models to detect/differentiate a specific type of soil from a general background. We have gathered spectral signatures of the target soil in the field ...
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Issues with using FLAASH on GeoEye data

I am trying to carry out a FLAASH atmospheric correction on radiometricaly corrected GeoEye-1 spatial image (working within ENVI). I am getting the wrong results from my FLAASH correction and believe ...
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Planetscope images atmospheric correction

I have downloaded an image which is level 3B processed (so I already have surface reflectance), but my assignment is to compare the data values of the SR file with my results. At first I applied ...
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Atmospheric correction using FLAASH

I want to run atmospheric correction on my Landsat TM5 picture using FLAASH (ENVI 4.8) but when I input radiance image (BIL format) into it, then this message is shown: "Enter ASCII filename ...
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Atmospheric correction for Airbus imagery

I have purchased images from Airbus using sentinel hub and realized that they are TOA (top of atmosphere). I would like to apply atmospheric correction on the images. I have seen the FLAASH is very ...
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Error during FLAASH Atmospheric Correction

I am trying to carry out Atmospheric Correction for LISS4 data using FLAASH. Since LISS4 is not available in the sensor list of ENVI, I have made the filter function file using the spectral builder ...
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Converting NTF to TIF using ArcGIS Pro in order to run FLAASH Correction

I received worldview 2 files but some are in the .ntf while others are in the .tiff format. I am able to work and FLAASH the files that are in the .tiff format but I am unable to FLAASH the .ntf files....
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FLAASH produces weird peaks

I am applying FLAASH to atmospherically correct and convert to reflectance a hyperspectral image acquired by our airborne system. The problem is that FLAASH (using ENVI) outputs an image where all ...
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