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Tag used for questions about the fuzzy landscape analysis in GIS (FLAG) method.

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Filter Sentinel-3 data based on cloud cover over a region of interest

I am using a modified code (see below) from here (Filter Sentinel-2 images base on cloud cover over a region of interest) to filter Sentinel-3 images based on their cloud cover over my region of ...
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Setting Flag in layout to get selected vector features to appear selected in output PDF using PyQGIS

It would seem that I am using the wrong properties setting if I had to guess. Anyhow, I have a layout template in a project that I load using python. Within the project canvas, I can select a set of ...
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Compiling on CentOS fails due to ignored LIB flag

I need help with installing PostGIS. In general: I try to install it on a cluster (CentOS) and do not have admin rights. There is a sqlite3 installation (connected to the error), but this seems ...
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How to set flags when re-use QgsFeatureRequest object

I have a standalone PyQGis application that is working fine. When I query a vector layer via QgsFeatureRequest class, I would like to instantiate one object and reuse it. But I am not sure how to set- ...
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