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Writing to FlatGeoBuf using Python OGR results in "ERROR 1: ICreateFeature: Mismatched geometry type"

When I try to create even very basic point geometries using OGR's FlatGeoBuf driver in Python, I keep getting this error: "ERROR 1: ICreateFeature: Mismatched geometry type" Here is a ...
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Displaying flatgeobuf file in Leaflet [closed]

I am trying to read flatgeobuf file (see in Leaflet, but it returns blank. Here is my code: import './style.css' import 'leaflet/dist/leaflet.css' import '...
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OGR Python API FlatGeobuf edits are not persisted

I'm using GDAL 3.5.1 OGR's Python bindings (on MacOS) to create features within a FlatGeobuf file but my changes are not being persisted. Relevant Code: data_path = "/Users/user/data/trails.fgb&...
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