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Generally means 'the area covered by' - especially when referring to buildings and the ground.

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Calculating Image boundary / footprint of satellite images using open source tools?

I need to create the polygon outlines of several single layer raster images, not the extent/bounding box, but the area without the nodata values, as shown here: Creating shapefile showing footprints ...
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Calculation of surface of external walls of buildings from a cadastral footprint shapefile

I need to calculate the surface (m2) of external walls of all the buildings in a town. By external walls I mean all the walls of a building or parts of a wall which are not in contact with another ...
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Calculate Azimuth from polygon in GeoPandas

Is there a simple way / ready-to-go function to calculate the azimuth of 2D-polygons in a GeoPandas DataFrame? My goal is to eventually compute azimuth angles of building footprints. Most of the ...
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Looking for an efficient way of digitizing building footprints using orthophotos and ArcGIS 10

In the past I've used PCI Geomatica to do something similar using the softwares classification functionality. Are there some tools/tricks in ArcGIS that will partially automate the process. I remember ...
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How to create an outline polygon (footprint) from raster data with PostGIS

How can I create a polygon, containing the actual outlines (aka footprint) of a raster file with PostGIS? I just need the outlines of the data containing parts of the raster. ST_PixelAsPolygon creates ...
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PostGIS intersect query: Raster footprints of multiple high resolution GeoTIFF's or not? [closed]

I have multiple (381) high resolution GeoTIFF's (2x2 meter resolution, 1 band, 700 MB each) that I somehow want to upload to a PostGIS-server to be able to run ST_intersects or ST_3Dintersects queries ...
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