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Pushing Foursquare's Swarm Check-In Data into a Google Maps Service

I've been using FourSquare's Swarm app to track my travels. I'd like to be able to plot the check-in locations on a Google Maps service (or any other web-based service outside of the Swarm App). I've ...
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Web app search field with 'meaningful' OSM places

I'm building a web app based on OSM places, excluding administrative zones (such as countries, states, and counties). I've taken an extract of place type = city or town or village or hamlet. But I'...
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Where can I find Foursquare Datasets?

I'm doing research which aims to analyse location based social networks. So the Foursquare dataset is suitable for me. Is there any Foursquare dataset available? I need 4 information in the dataset: ...
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