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Finding/advertising for GIS freelancers [duplicate]

If I wanted to find/advertise for a freelancer to do a GIS job, and if I am not allowed to do it here, then where would be a good place? I've advertised on oDesk (which we use frequently), but it ...
51 votes
4 answers

What is the going rate for GIS freelancers?

There appears to be very little information available about competitive hourly rates for GIS freelancers. Additionally, GIS freelancers never post rates on their websites. Upwork has some ...
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Where is the work in the GIS/RS consulting industry? [closed]

I'm trying to get an understanding of what type of GIS/RS work organizations are most often bidding out to consultants, and why? For example, is most of the freelance work in web mapping these days ...
13 votes
3 answers

Professional Indemnity Insurance for freelance GIS? [closed]

I am about to go freelance and I know there are a few freelancers on the forum so I'd welcome recommendations/experiences relating to Professional Indemnity Insurance. Are there companies (brokers or ...
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6 answers

Finding GIS consultancy/project work (rather than jobs)?

The post What are useful websites for scouting GIS related jobs? listed resources for finding a GIS job (as in a full-time or contract position). What resources are available for finding GIS projects ...
21 votes
10 answers

Freelancers, how do you handle deliveries to remote clients?

Freelancers and small business owners, how do you handle product delivery and support to your remote clients? Example: I have a client who knows enough about ArcMap to add a shapefile, turn layers on ...