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A QGIS plugin with a suite tools to analyse and process GIS vector data.

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Why is 'Line Dissolve' producing different output than 'Dissolve' from Ftools?

I'm curious if anyone can explain the strange effects I'm seeing from the SAGA 'Line Dissolve' tool. I have a ton of line features that had previously been 'exploded' (which is a necessary step), and ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Where has the 'distance matrix' tool gone in QGIS 2.18.0?

Today I installed QGIS 2.18.0 and I wondered, where has my 'distance matrix' - Tool gone?
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Amending existing plugins to match Qgis 2.16+ fTools removal

Part-time development started about a year ago to create an add-on for Qgis. Many of this plugins capabilities are written with fTools commands. I am wondering if there is a recommended document to ...
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3 votes
2 answers

broken plugins with QGIS install

I have been struggling with this for a bit. I recently upgraded my qgis to 2.8.9, and now am having issues with the ftools plugin as well as the processing plugin. When I start qgis, I get this error: ...
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1 answer

QGIS Random Points Error

I have an error in QGIS that I cannot seem to figure out. I have a zip-code level shapefile from the U.S. Census. I'm merging that with a data file by zip of counts. I want to make a dot density ...
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What's the PostGIS equivalent to Extract Nodes in fTools / QGIS? [duplicate]

I'm looking to convert Park polygons from OSM into points. The QGIS fTools Extract Nodes tool will convert a polygon to points at the vertices. What is the equivalent function or work-flow in ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How does fTools' Distance Matrix compute the distance and in what units?

I am new to GIS in general, and QGIS in particular. I am trying to find information about fTools' Distance Matrix function in QGIS, but am having trouble finding documentation…I managed to make a ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Running ftools multiparts to singleparts from PyQGIS

Is it possible to run the multiparts to singleparts function from the console with the processing_runalg function? Or is there another way?
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5 votes
1 answer

fTools "Join Attributes by Location" missing in SEXTANTE/Processing Toolbox

I am working with the new Processing Framework in QGIS 2.0.1. I really like the graphical modeler, because it allows my to make my own tools without having to be able to write pyhton or any other ...
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11 votes
4 answers

What dissolve tool in QGIS allows me to summarize statistics for multiple attributes?

Is there a tool or plugin in QGIS that resembles ArcGIS 10's Dissolve tool? I'm trying to dissolve several polygons (parks) around the boundaries of another layer of polygons (cities), while ...
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2 votes
0 answers

How to calculate weighted mean coordinates within polygons?

I'm using QGIS 1.8 on OSX 10.8.3. I have a polygon shapefile of all of the US state legislative districts. I also have a layer of points that are centroids of US Census Tracts, with a field for the ...
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3 votes
3 answers

Couldn't load plugin fTools due an error when calling its classFactory() method

When I start qgis I get a python exception: Couldn't load plugin fTools due an error when calling its classFactory() method ... 309, in _import mod = _builtin_import(name, globals, locals, ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Why does ftools' difference tool fail?

I have an area polygon with rocks on it i want to use difference to map the soft (ground, not rocks) cover. to do that i try using the (ftools) vector>geoprocessing>difference getting an empty ...
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3 votes
1 answer

How to calculate buffer surface that falls within another layer's borders

The image below shows what two selected layers. One contains a series of borders, and the other a series of buffers. I am trying to obtain the buffered surface within each of the borders in the ...
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Set buffer radius in metric units in qGIS [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is up with QGIS buffer tool units? A similar question to this one has already been asked How to change the unit of measure from degrees to meters in QGIS?, but none of ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to find polygons centroids? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Get list of coordinates for points in a layer? Sorry for another basic question - my map is almost done but now my boss wants me to enter new outbreaks (that we don't have ...
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