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A form of many-valued logic or probabilistic logic; it deals with reasoning that is approximate rather than fixed and exact

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Joining by attribute using Fuzzywuzzy module (Python Script)

I'm hoping to get some assistance of debugging my script using fuzzywuzzy attribute joins. I have housing permit data that needs to be joined to parcel data. Unfortunately, the housing permit data is ...
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Function applied to Raster cell values also executes to NA values in R

I'm trying to fuzzify a Terra SpatRaster object using a Fuzzy membership function created with FuzzyR package using the method Terra::app, but the function is also aplied to NA values. How can I avoid ...
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Use raster calculator for fuzzy triangular function to fuzzify maps

Does anyone have an idea how to use the raster calculator to fuzzify maps with respect to the fuzzy triangular function? I am using ArcGIS Pro. I am a little stuck after using Euclidean distance as I ...
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Fuzzy Membership producing narrow output

I have a rasterized road layer, from which I have calculated an euclidean distance raster extending up to 15000m. Now, I want to apply fuzzy membership to this Euclidean distance raster using a ...
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What is map file in GRASS GIS addon r.fuzzy.system and how it can be accessed?

I am inexperienced with GRASS GIS and I am trying to reproduce the fuzzy systems manual example. I am failing to load the MAP file, even if I wrote the 'txt' file with the rules and maps name. Here is ...
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Supervised Neural Network for site selection in GIS [closed]

I have a set (A) of geospatial raster data layers and a set (B) of point data. (B) includes numerical values that indicate the "suitability" of the specific site with a rising value. I know that (B) ...
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Empty results from r.fuzzy.set in GRASS 7.4.2

I am trying to fuzzify a distance to roads tiff file using r.fuzzy.set in GRASS (installed with QGIS). I input the parameters (input layer, output, inflection points, fuzzy range, fuzzy boundaries etc ...
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Fuzzify Slope Values

For a suitability analysis I need to define the suitability of slope from DEM values (in %) to build new trails. Knowledges says that flat and rather steep areas are not suitable due to water runoff. ...
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Use Python Fuzzy string matching library to match string between a list with 30 value and a given value and get the closest match in field calculator [closed]

I am trying to get the closest match between different strings but The Function is limited to only 5 values to compare and I want to increase it to 30 value at least, any ideas how to work around ...
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Joining data based on ranking of building size per tax parcel using ArcGIS Desktop? [closed]

I have two data sets. Each data set has a Parcel ID and square footage for building footprints. One was created by a government agency for tax assessment. The other by a small operation that traced ...
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Exporting data from ArcGIS for use in Fuzzy Logic in Matlab?

How can I export layers from ArcGIS for use in Matlab software for working with Fuzzy Logic, and what extension?
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Using SDM(Spatial Data Modeller) toolbox in ArcGIs9.3? [closed]

I want to use fuzzy logic method to mapping in ArcGIS9.3, but I don't have any knowledge about that.Please guide me in this field.
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How to normalize Landcover criterian Map to 0-255 scale in Weighted Linear Combination?

I am interested to normalize Landcover raster image having 6 classess using fuzzy membership function (sigmoidal monotonically increasing) in Weighed Linear Combination (WLC) in the backdrop of MCE ...
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Fuzzy memberships with trapezoid shape in ArcMap

I would like to combine two raster data (temperature and precipitation) using fuzzy modeling in ArcMap. Each raster is defined by three membership functions with trapezoid shape (e.g. cold, warm, and ...
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How to combine Boolean and Fuzzy logic?

So I have a set of 5 Fuzzy Memberships and a polygon feature class, to which I already added a yes/no field. For the final map, I need to combine/overlay all Fuzzy Memberships and the rasterized ...
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Create raster distance around a single point feature class

Okay, so I'm relatively new to ArcMap and I'm trying to use the Fuzzy membership for suitability test. I have a single point feature class that I want to use for this analysis. I know that in order to ...
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How to find boundaries with Fuzzy logic and GIS

How can I use Fuzzy logic in order to find the boundaries of an area with points? Is there a GIS software that does it? I would prefer Arcgis. example from scholar pedia Figure 1: Bird's-eye view on ...
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