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A geographic dictionary or index.

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POSTGIS query to get Country,State,admin_level-3,admin_level-4,admin_level-5,admin_level-6 and latitude/ longitude data

I imported North America data ( into my PostgreSQL database using provided by nominatim with osm2pgsql and got the place and ...
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Batch geocode city/state to lat/long using free or open source tool

I am looking for a way to batch geocode a dataset containing cites/states to lat/longs. The lat/long for the centroid of the city is fine. My data does not contain streets or street numbers. Only city/...
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QGIS Gazetteer Search/ Connection to SQL Server

Is there anyway to connect an Microsoft SQL Server Spatial Dataset to QGIS (2.14) to enable a Gazetteer search, similar to the Gazetteer search function in Cadcorp?
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Finding unnamed Antarctic peaks using QGIS? [duplicate]

I'm a complete novice at GIS. My project is to find the highest peaks in each Antarctic territory, and compare the results with the international gazetteer to find which peaks are and aren't named. I'...
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is there any online WFS gazeteer client which runs on my web browser or exposes http requests?

My question is somehow similar to this other thread, but in my case I want to test a WFS service: Is there a web page where I can test a WMS URL? I look for an online service which lets me add the ...
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Seeking public database to input date and city to determine country at time and present-day?

I'm looking to automate a common task for us. For example, Jaromir Jagr was born in Kladno in 1972. I want to be able to take that and output a string. Born in Kladno, Czechoslovakia (present-day ...
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alternative to geograpy package for python (Pulling locations from text)

I am currently exploring using the geograpy package for python to pull locations from text. It uses nltk, among other things to pull locations from URL's and text. The only problem is it doesn't ...
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Display of DIVA-GIS Gazetteer *.dbf Files in QGIS

I've looked through other questions/answers and not seen what I am looking for... How do I display the contents of a DIVA-GIS Gazetteer *.dbf file in QGIS? Ideally I would like to take contents of ...
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Iran place names in Farsi

I'm looking for a downloadable listing of place names for Iran, in Farsi script. I downloaded GeoNames for Iran, but many of the place names in there seem to be only in Latin script (of 253,000 names,...
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Why are some places missing from US Census Gazetter data?

I'm looking at the file I downloaded from the US Census here (2010 Census Gaz Places data), and I notice that a lot of cities are missing. For example, Montague, MA is completely missing. However, I ...
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Gazetteer with shapes?

I'm looking for a Gazetteer service. I only need the geocoding part and I need two entry points: name look-up. Takes a query string, check for matching toponyms and suggest alternatives. Ideally the ...
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Factors in computing scoring for place name searches, like Geonames

As part of the FULL response style, the GeoNames search API returns results like the following: <geonames style="FULL"> <totalResultsCount>510</totalResultsCount> <geoname&...
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QGIS Gazetteer Plugin connection to internal database

A few posts on here mention that the Astun QGIS-Gazetteer-Plugin could be adapted to reference a PostGIS database. Has anyone done this adaptation and could share it? I want to use a gazetteer stored ...
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Creating geocoding/gazetteer web service? [closed]

I would like to write a geocoding web service for genealogy in Java. Because it is for genealogy, I don't need to go down to the street level. I only need to go down to the county. Looking at ...
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