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Translator library for raster and vector geospatial data formats

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Open OracleSpatial Layer via Ogr2ogr in C#

I want to transport an OracleSpatial Layer to Postgis. From within OSGeo4W-Shell this works very well. But from C#-Console-App the DataSource is null but no error occurs. Here is what I have tried: ...
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GDAL/OGR MakeValid seems to be missing from C# bindings

Extracting a geometry that is both SQL and ESRI valid with GDAL/OGR using the C# bindings, I get a result from IsValid that conveys that there are ring self intersects. In SQL, if there are ...
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How to add coordinate system to SPOT imagery mask files?

I'm working with SPOT 6 and 7 imagery delivered in DIMAP format. I've figured out how to extract the multispectral and pan-chromatic bands into geotiff with gdal-translate so they're easier to work ...
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pyqgis: using gdalogr:rastercalculator not working

I have an Int16 - 16 bit GeoTiff and would like to do a simple calculation. Using the GUI in QGIS (raster calculator) it works without problems. The expression in the raster calculator is: ...
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Layer spatial reference system units EPSG::32633 [closed]

I polygonized a raster with the following code: from osgeo import gdal, ogr, osr gdal.UseExceptions() srs = osr.SpatialReference() srs.ImportFromEPSG(32633) ds = gdal.Open('H:/Threshold/...
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QGIS Script with gdalogr:convertformat

I want to save a KML point file with attributes and descriptions from a generic point vector layer, and I need to do this at the end of a processing chain inside QGIS graphical modeler. Ideally, I ...
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Set or change the geometry type of an empty point shapefile using Python with GDAL/OGR

I'm automatically creating a point shapefile from a postgreSQL point table (having a geometry field called "geo" defined as geo geometry(Point,4258)) for a spesific flatenr (%%a) using ogr2ogr --...
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"GDALGetActualBlockSize" error in QGIS while loading any GDAL/OGR related functions

I'm getting an error in QGIS 2.18.10 in openSuse Leap 42.2 which I have could not solve so far. When launching the program the following error message arises: "Unable to load GdalTools plugin. The ...
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Python GDAL/OGR apply WGS84 CRS to Polygon

I am trying to work out how to apply WGS84 to a POLYGON I am creating from a list of latitude and longitude coordinates. Without the correct coordinate system, I cannot calculate the area, my ...
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Calculating a field with a codeblock in gdal/ogr

I'm trying to calculate a field ('duplicates') to reflect the identical records, here's a part of the code: d = [] def isDuplicate(t): import string global d iD = 0 for item in d:...
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If keep resolution = False in gdalogr:cliprasterbymasklayer

What does it mean if i put keep_resolution = False in gdalogr:cliprasterbymasklayer? In the tool itself in QGIS I could choose then a resolution which I want to have for the output, but here via ...
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Python Geospatial development book error?

I am currently reading Python Geospatial Development by Erik Westra but I am stuck at the first hurdle where the book suggests that the easiest way to install gdal onto a windows machine is using ...
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Can rgdal use an external GDAL installation?

The README for rgdal contains the following text:"README", package="rgdal")) For additional drivers, users of the CRAN Windows and CRAN OSX binaries can either convert to ...
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