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the integration of Geographical intelligence into all marketing aspects including sales and distribution, [...] routing, territorial planning, and site selection (Wikipedia)

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Have voronoi take into account line boundaries (such as rivers, highways...) (on Qgis 3.14)

I have points locating supermarkets. I would like to use the Voronoi method to automatically delineate the catchment area of each supermarket (in real life of course it overlaps a bit on each other ...
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Comparing ESRI Demographic Data from different years

I have in my possession ESRI Demographic update data for multiple years: 2013/2018, 2014/2019, 2015/2020, 2016/2021, 2017/2022. I am currently trying to see if it is possible to compare each of these ...
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Comparison of clustering methods on geodemographic classification

Most geodemographic classification systems using K-means method for clustering and creating segments. For example, ESRI Tapestry(Business Analyst) is most using geodemographic system lately. What ...
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Seeking suitable software for business analysis using Huff model? [closed]

I have a GIS background though have bin in another field for 3 years. Recently I have joined a project with an expansion goal in which I am expected to use gravity model like Huff model. I have ...
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Good Things To Highlight About GIS on a Company Website?

I'm in the process for creating the GIS content for our new company website. So far, I am having some serious issues. GIS is a complicated subject. First off, most people coming to our website won't ...
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Locating shapefile of European railways for goods transportion

We are trying to make a project about European goods trade so we need railway data in shapefile format. More specifically, we are trying to find the potential of mine products being exported from ...
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How do I choose parameters for the Huff model that best fit my data?

I'm using the Huff model for some analysis I'm doing. For those not aware, the Huff model is a probabilistic model for retail trade area analysis. H_ij is the probability that a person at location i ...
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Gravity/Huff model tools

I am looking for a way to simulate a gravity model using a point-based layer. All my points are assigned a z-value and the higher this value, the larger is their "sphere of influence". This influence ...
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How many GIS projects deal with just basic "putting markers on a map"?

Is there an academic paper or conference contribution, where someone estimated how many GIS projects actually deal with only a very basic usage of GIS data? Something equivalent to the infamous "80% ...
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constructing customer-derived trade areas

I am interested in creating some customer-derived trade areas that represent "most" of the customers for a given store (say 80%). I have both the customers and the stores geocoded. The ESRI Business ...
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Alternatives to ESRI Business Analyst

Does there exist any other software than business analyst that can do store-level trade area analysis without much programming overhead? I am particularly interested in: Creating customer-derived ...
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In ArcGIS how can I append the number of points that are located inside each individual block groups of the entire US?

I am using ArcGIS 10 and I have two shapefiles; (a) a polygon shapefile of block groups of the entire US, (b) a point shapefile of customer locations throughout the US. What I want to know if how ...
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Arguments for opening a GIS area in an important agricultural-related bank?

the managers of the bank where I work at have been considering creating a "GIS-unit" that would help with economic-related research / business intelligence. They asked me to raise a list of reasons of ...
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Open-source GIS implementation of the Huff model

This might be a stretch, but I was wondering if anyone implemented gravity modeling tools or scripts for Retail Market Analysis (like the Huff Model), to analyze spatial data for customer-store ...
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Seeking US State or National business (or employer) database lists

This question dovetails with What kind of datasets are necessary for geomarketing applications?. I am familiar with some of larger, paid-for business registry's like InfoUSA and Dunn & Bradstreet. ...
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What kind of datasets are necessary for geomarketing applications?

If you would have to create a data base for geomarketing applications yourself, what kind of datasets would you purchase/collect? The first goal would be to find new store locations. Another would be ...
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