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PostGIS tesselation invalidating polyhedralsurfaces

We are trying to visualise prefabricated concrete elements. These elements are exported in an ifc format. We have already been able to ...
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Why are my polygons disappearing when I zoom in on QGIS. Version 3.28.9

I have recently downloaded the 3.28.9 version of QGIS and I am having repeated issues of shapefiles disappearing and parts of shapefiles not selecting when pressed. The shapefile disappears when ...
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Using function "buildGeometry" of JavaScript library JSTS with 'ol.interaction.Select' and 'ol.Collection.<ol.Feature>' objects?

What type is the argument of a function "buildGeometry" of JavaScript library JSTS? How to use JSTS function "buildGeometry" with OpenLayers 3 selection, which is created is this ...
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Combine a point dataset with multi-polygon dataset

Using QGIS, I need to combine a point dataset with an associated multi-polygon dataset, and clip away any of the polygons which do not have an associated point, please see image attached. The point ...
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Validation of Vector Geometries to OGC Standards

I'm currently using FME to validate geometries, coming from 3rd parties, making sure there to OGC Standards. I was hoping to be able to replicate these checks in QGIS, but find the tools available (...
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Layer filter in viewport

Is there a way to display the geometries in the "Layer" viewport, so that you can zoom to the geometry in question with a right click. I only know the categorized view via the layer design. ...
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v.out.ogr -c flag in GRASS GIS is filling islands

I have a very big shapefile (polygons) to load in GRASS GIS, thus I am selecting only relevant rows based on a .txt file with some conditions (e.g., the ID of the polygon). However, when I try to save ...
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Is "Fix geometries" in QGIS working properly?

I am currently using QGIS 3.10 for my GIS project. I run first “Check Validity” to see if there were any invalid features, then I used “Fix geometries” to correct them. Surprisingly, after running the ...
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Recovering lost geometry columns in PostGIS

We have been running v10 of PostgreSQL with PostGIS 2.4. We are in the process of migrating to PostgreSQL 14 with PostGIS 3.2. There appeared to be an issue with pg_upgrade and the PostGIS version, so ...
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