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Draw buffer circle over a map using Geoseries

buf_df = geodata.copy() buf_df['geometry'] = buf_df['geometry'].buffer(10) fig, ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(10,10)) tx_shapefile.plot(ax=ax, facecolor='Grey', edgecolor='k',alpha=1,linewidth=1,cmap=&...
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Generate points inside multipolygons using GeoPandas

I have a shapefile which has multipolygon geometries. I want to generate random points inside them using GeoPandas. I tried with the below code but it's not giving geodataframe of points. df = gpd....
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Attempting to get the distance between two Point objects. Getting AttributeError: 'GeoSeries' object has no attribute '_geom'

I am a beginner in GIS. Using the code below to get the distance between two Point objects from two separate GeoDataframe. Using the shapely distance function. Can someone please explain to me what I ...
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Using Yelp API lat/long in Folium -- CRS needed?

I understand the default crs for Folium is EPSG3857. I am pulling lat/long data from a yelp query and am not sure if I need to be converting to a GeoSeries and assigning a CRS to the GeoSeries. It ...
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How to convert GeoSeries polygons to lists of coordinates?

I have a GeoDataFrame consisting polygons. How can I convert each polygon into a list of coordinates? Is there any attribute, method or function in GeoPandas to do this?
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How to convert a GeoSeries to a GeoDataFrame with Geopandas

I'm new in GeoPandas and I try to create my first script. I successfully opened a shapefile and made a union of all entity and an envelope. As it said in GeoPandas doc, after these 2 geometric ...
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Projecting Geoseries Geopandas doesn't work

I have on geoseries that I would like to project to equal area conic of lambret. However my code doesn't work. What is wrong with it? #piece of g_source {GeoSeries}: 156 POINT (-40....