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Geofence vs. default security subsystem

When enabling Geofence is the "normal" default security subsystem of GeoServer still available or is Geofence taking control over everything and all existing rules need to be ported? Is it ...
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HTTPS issue with key provider as external "Web Service" (GeoServer / Key Authentication Module)

Goal: We use the Geoserver Extension "Key Authentication Module", to secure our Geoserver services, using the key provider as an external "Web Service". Geoserver authentication-...
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Dealing with Log4J Bug using GeoServer

Are there any guidelines yet on how to deal with the Log4J bug in GeoServer?
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GeoServer Data Security access rule implementation to single workspace & inside layers

I am using GeoServer 2.18.0 war file under Tomcat 9.0, and it's deployed on CentOS What I am doing : Implementing data security rules for one workspace and layers belongs to that workspace. What's ...
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Cannot login to GeoServer after enabling proxy authentication

Following this tutorial I activated proxy authentication on GeoServer for listing all available layers using REST API from another application. Now I can not login from the main window http://...
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How to configure GeoServer user/roles using programmatic way?

I am working on GeoServer 2.15 on CentOS and configuring users/role manually. We have 300 layers,10 workspaces & 25 users, created 3 roles (internal, external & classified). I want to assign ...
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