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GeoServer External WMS - Style parameter not working

I'm cascading (remote) WMS with GeoServer. I get an error message: "unable to fetch remote styles" and the layer is displayed in the default remote style. According to The documentation &...
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GeoServer CSS point attribute filter removing data but visible on layer

I am trying to create a point layer with the constraints as follows: If [current year] - [year of data point] <= 3 then use square symbol otherwise use circle symbol Regardless of the year of the ...
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Converting and Importing Google Earth Layer with KML Styles into GeoServer (SLD Format) - Styling Discrepancy

I am facing a challenge while trying to import a layer from Google Earth into GeoServer. The styles in Google Earth are in KML format, while GeoServer requires SLD format for styling. As a result, the ...
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How to style layer group in Geoserver

I have three vector layers showing the same information but with a different level of details. In fact, despite the same symbology and attribute table, there is a need to display them at different ...
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GeoServer SLD styling: Ignore NaN values when generating pie chart

I want to create a style in GeoServer to display a pie chart based on four attributes. With the SLD code below I can create functional pie charts: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-...
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Show in OpenLayers style defined in GeoServer

I have a WFS layer working correctly. I configured the style in the GeoServer, but I am not able to fetch this style already defined in the GeoServer to show in OpenLayers. On the GeoServer, the style ...
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GeoServer rendering lines distorted at an angle

I am trying to render a line layer in GeoServer. The line layer has many segments. If I apply a stroke-width: 20px, the lines are rendered distorted at an angle. Below is the styling code * { stroke-...
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