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GeoSPARQL - A Geographic Query Language for RDF Data

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Can I use GeoSPARQL without importing the ontology

I am building my ontology and i defined the data property :hasGeometry in my ontology and mapped it to geom column in the database. I didn't import the GeoSPARQL ontology. Can I in this case use ...
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How to write GeoSPARQL query when hexadecimal representation of a binary encoded geometry

I am trying to write a GeoSPARQL using the geometry column of a layer imported from QGIS to PostGIS. The format of the geometry column is hexadecimal representation of a binary. When I try to use geo:...
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ST_intersects with 500GB of data taking days to run in scala

I have a requirement of getting a bounding box filtered into exact country polygon boundary. For this I am using Sedona ST_intersects query. But this query when I run for 2 GB of data takes 15 mins ...
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Intersection of geometries as GeoSPARQL result

I'm querying two geosparql conform datasets at endpoint trying to get intersectred geometry as result using GeoSPARQL language. PREFIX rdf: <
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Loading Geospatial RDF in Virtuoso?

I want to know what kind of format (syntax) a geospatial rdf should have so I can load it into virtuoso (open source) and do a GeoSPARQL query over it. I found a very small and simple geospatial rdf ...
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bif:st_within set the correct tolerance

I am querying a Virtuoso store with SPARQL, and I want to retrieve some layer that are near a wkt geometry with a tolerance of 10 kilometers. How I have to set the tolerance parameter? In which unit ...
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Representing coordinates on non-earth globes in semantic data

There are standards to represent geospatial data in the context of linked data, such as GeoSPARQL. However, I could not find a way to represent the coordinates that are not on Earth - such as, for ...
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RDF representation of 3D-geodata?

When it comes to 2D-data it seems there are a couple standards out there to represent it in a semantic way (GeoSPARQL, NeoGeo, ...). However I couldn't really find one to do that for 3D-data. I have ...
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