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Geotagging video [closed]

I want to import a geotagged video to a point or have a point and attach a video to it, so that I can play the video by clicking on the point. Is there any solution in QGIS? I also want to know if ...
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Making a web map with geotagged photos In QGIS

I would like to create a web map with several hundred geotagged photos showing the location of the photos and the direction they were taken in. Using the "Import Geotagged Photos" tool in ...
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Not Geotagged photos in QGIS

Is it possible to import un Geotagged photos in QGIS? As far as I know this was possible with plugin called eVIS. As I see it, presently, all the photos which are to be displayed, on a map e. g., in ...
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