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A technical certification for GIS professionals, abbreviated to GISP. and administered by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).

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Certified Mapping Scientist, GIS/LIS – ASPRS [closed]

I'm looking for a bit of a resume boost with a certification / professional recognition. I'm aware of GISP, but I'm wondering if anyone has any input on the Certified Mapping Scientist, GIS/LIS from ...
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Is there a professional certification available for QGIS users?

I have heard some rumors about a QGIS professional certification program. I have found some documentation on it at but have been unable to find any other ...
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What can help gain contribution points for GISP certificate? [closed]

Didn't see this discussed before. What earns contribution points towards GISP certification? Does volunteering to answer on forums help contribute?
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Can MOOCs Count towards the GISP course points?

I am looking to obtain my GISP, and I am wondering if Massive Open Online Course (MOOCs) can count towards the GISP course points if the MOOC is related to GIS?
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Roadmap to creating a GIS? [closed]

Got asked that today in a job interview, I replied with the usual : Gather Data : what data do we want, do we possess it ? If not how to do we acquire it, etc. Database : after we have successfully ...
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Where is the work in the GIS/RS consulting industry? [closed]

I'm trying to get an understanding of what type of GIS/RS work organizations are most often bidding out to consultants, and why? For example, is most of the freelance work in web mapping these days ...
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Skill requirements and resources to run a private GIS consultancy/ GIS service providing firm?

I'm planning to make a private GIS service providing firm in the coming years. I just wanted to know what skills and resources are required to set up such a firm? I'm aware that the software, hardware ...
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How are you, as GIS professionals, spending most of your day at work?

I've pondered for a while whether I should ask this question. I even asked whether I should ask a question that should probably be a community wiki on the meta site. Since I didn't get many ...
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How to display GIS Diploma on a buisness card? [closed]

I was wondering if there was a standard way to display a GIS diploma for email signatures/business cards.
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Is Geoslavery complicity a violation of GISP code of Ethics?

Would developing applications to support Geoslavery be considered a violation of the GIS Professional (GISP) code of ethics ? Human tracking devices, however, introduce a new potential for real-...
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