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Free, open source, and ready to use geocoder and geolocalisation webservices.

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Gisgraphy results appear in two languages

I hosted Gisgraphy server for geolocalization issues and imported the data for Saudi Arabia. I need it mainly for reverse geocoding issues. When I request some coordinate it returns the result in two ...
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How can I download GISGraphy CSV Files for a particular country? [closed]

So, the files have been removed from the server due to some hacking issues and I need the CSV files urgently. How and from where can I download these CSVs? GISGraphy is setup on my system, only the ...
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Gisgraphy importer crashing, possibly due to JDBC connections problem. Is there a fix? [closed]

I've been trying to install gisgraphy for the past few days. The setup has went well, but the software crashes while importing data. I'm only importing data for a single country so it's not overly ...
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Stuck installing gisgraphy: org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanDefinitionStoreException

I'm been trying to get gisgraphy to run for a few hours but seem to get stuck at the exception being thrown below. I thought it might have been the gisgraphy-3.0-beta2 version of gisgraphy but I now ...
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gisgraphy geocoder - importing custom data

I have been researching offline geocoders - and am impressed with what I've seen in Gisgraphy. It is especially attractive to my environment, since I am on Windows Server 2008 and Apache Tomcat. ...
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Is there a way to import custom shapefiles for use with Gisgraphy?

I installed gisgraphy and looked at the data importer wizard -- it only has two options: Import Geonames and/or Import OpenStreetMap. I want to make Gisgraphy work with shapefiles. Since Gisgraphy ...
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Is it possible to use PostGIS on gisgraphy database?

I have the entire gisgraphy database inside my server. Is it possible to use PostGIS on it to query such as "get locations within 10 miles from this coordinate"? I tried reading about spatial queries ...
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Tools for sorting/filtering based on map state

I'm about to embark on a project that list restaurants on a map. I'd be grateful to find out what the best tools for the job are. The restaurants will be in a list beneath a map. The list will be ...
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How to geocode US addresses using gisgraphy (400k)

Would someone please direct me in geocoding around 400k addresses using gisgraphy or openstreetmap?
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Comparison of geocoding solutions (such as Gisgraphy & PostGIS 2.0) [closed]

As I am sure many of you are aware, PostGIS has finally released Version 2.0 and included within this version they have also built a geocoder (see: Although I ...