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BigQuery is a fully-managed, serverless data warehouse that enables scalable analysis over petabytes of data.

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Break down one extremely large Polygon into many smaller polygons using BigQuery only

I have a giant polygon which is part of the UK's open source Flood Zone 2 dataset, found here. At the moment, it is breaking our data pipeline due to its sheer size. As far as I am aware, it is the ...
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Loading geospatial data from GCS to BQ - JSON parsing error

I am in the process of loading a jsonl file from Google Cloud Storage (GCS) into Big Query (BQ). When I load in data directly through BQ, I am not having any issues. However, I have moved on to larger ...
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Invalid polygon loop: Edge 0 has duplicate vertex with edge 77 in BigQuery

I am trying to use a ST_GeogFromText and it returns a ST_GeogFromText failed: Invalid polygon loop: Edge 0 has duplicate vertex with edge 77 What does this mean and how to fix it other than using ...
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Switch position of latitude and longitude in polygon using BigQuery [closed]

I have many polygons one example is like so POLYGON ((-6.17635568766753 106.81217949327073, -6.177086740025682 106.81236308865992, -6.177909092611173 106.81256741425203, -6.178459760710375 106....
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BigQuery ST_MakeLine vs PostGIS ST_MakeLine

Description I'm trying to move our database from BigQuery to PostgreSQL. The issue that I'm encountering is that calculated distance for a line, built from same GPS traces, are way different in ...
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How big geometry are best for BigQuery performance

I make a geospatial analysis, in Google BigQuery, which mostly includes making difference (I mean ST_Difference) between parcels geometry and some objects like woods, buildings etc. Some of objects I ...
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Representing a route that doubles back on itself in BigQuery with a LineString

I'm trying to represent routes in BigQuery, but running into issues for routes that double back on themselves. Consider the following LineString that proceeds from the southwest to the northeast of ...
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Converting SQL queries from PostGIS to BigQuery

I have a table called drawn_items with columns “the_geom”, “fsrn_db” , & “area” in Carto2 which is queried by SQL. Having recreated the table in Carto 3, in order to use the query, I must ...
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Clip a shapefile by a line border

I'm trying to generate a clipped file of a sample polygon geography (in this case, zip) and the U.S. coastline. This is the query I currently have: select state_code, zip_code, st_union(st_dump(...
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Big Query: ST_GeogFromText failed: Unexpected 'geometry' at position 0

I'm pretty new to the GIS field, so might be ignoring something obvious here. I'm trying to match Mlab speed test data (each record had lat long attribute) with map of administrative boundaries of ...
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How to import PostGIS into BigQuery GIS?

I have to import PostGIS data into BigQuery GIS. In order to do this, I dumped the PostGIS data in CSV and import it into BigQuery. This is working for all the columns but not the geometric one. If I ...
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Which Big Data analytics platform has most extensive GIS support? [closed]

I've recently had to deal with datasets that are simply too large to be efficiently processed using PostgreSQL and so I've turned to Google's BigQuery for those tasks. BigQuery, while offering ...
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