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Live connection between ArGIS Online and Google Docs Spreadsheet?

I want to make a join in ArcGIS Online: From a spreadsheet with names (visitors to an exhibition) to polygons (containing that name). I succeed to make that in ArcGIS Online: but there is no live ...
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Embed Static Carto Map in Google Sheet Cell

Carto is mapping software that provides me with a url to a dynamic map. I want to show a static version of the map (which updates daily) in a google sheets cell. Ideally there would be a way to ...
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Adding CSV with state plane coordinates instead of decimal degrees to ArcGIS online?

My goal is to use this method of using google sheets with ArcGIS online to update my web map automatically with new points which are added to the google sheet csv. My problem is according to this ...
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Joining Google Docs table to feature class at ArcGIS Online to use in Operations Dashboard?

I am using ArcGIS operation Dashboard. I get the Data Source from excel file that i have published using google docs as a dynamically data source. I need to join the excel table to hosted feature ...
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Google Spreadsheet as Configuration for Leaflet App

I would like to build a Leaflet Webapp that is highly adaptable and easy to configure. Therefore I would like to use Google Spreadsheets to store the configuration and retrieve the stored information ...
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In CartoDB, is it possible to associate metadata with dataset columns?

I have some data in google spreadsheets. I've been moving the data to because I want to use CartoDB for mapping. As well as mapping, I want to be able to access the raw data and present it ...
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How to Geocode a Google Sheet?

I have a spreadsheet in Google Sheets with about 20-30 rows, with the following 6 columns: ID Name Address Cell_No Latitude Longitude where the last two columns are empty. What is an easy way, for a ...
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Is there a way to Collect Lat-Long in a Google Docs Form?

I'm helping out a small non profit. They are collecting some simple data using a Google Docs Form. The need to collect exact latlong (upto 5 meters accuracy is fine). Ideally the end user would ...
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How to integrate Google Drive with web mapping capabilities?

I use a shared Google Drive spreadsheet to coordinate a large GIS mapping project. The work involves processing thousands of DOQQ images. Essentially, work is divided into study areas and then ...
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Heat map which will be auto-updated from Google Docs

I want to develop a heat map (standardized choropleth map) which will be auto-updated with data pulled from GoogleDocs. Which tools are the most helpful for developing that kind of map?
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Suggestions for simple mapping platform for alumni web site

I'm working on a proof of concept alumni site with a WordPress backend. I want to have a very simple map that shows where alumni are living. I'm thinking something like the Bing API or a simple open ...
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Are there spreadsheet functions to query route planner for travel time and distance?

I would like to realise a spreadsheet where the columns are as follows. Place A Place B Distance by road between A and B Travel time by road between A and B I thought this might be possible using ...
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