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Downloading and using government data?

I need to put government data into a shape-file (right now I have points locating schools, and have the census tract layout in QGIS (outline of NYC) I just need the poverty data mapped onto this) - if ...
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Extract latitudes and longitudes from a government database

I'm trying to get the latitudes and longitudes of various data points on the Alberta Water License viewer. The mapping tool has the points displayed on it, and I'm able to click on them and get more ...
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UK constituency boundaries that can be used with Google maps

Is there a comparatively easy way to marry-up UK election boundary data with Google maps? I am 100% NOT looking for anyone to do the work I should be doing, but with data sets from Open Gov, Ordnance ...
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Congressional/Legislative Member Data Set [closed]

I am working on a web map of congressional and legislative districts. I am able to find the boundary lines but not up to date data on the representatives per legislative district. Anyone know of ...
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Using UK Government Data in QGIS?

I've downloaded some .asc files from the UK Government. They are 1m resolution LIDAR tiles. Apparently. When I load them into QGIS, they appear with the nice thumbnails and everything. But I get ...
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Requesting Town Data [closed]

This is a question in regard to requesting town/city GIS data that is hosted on a private server. For example, one of the towns I am working with, Mattapoisett MA USA, has its GIS data hosted with ...
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Is there a established color convention for US Federal Agencies?

Do US Federal Agencies have a convention for coloring the lands under the jurisdiction of each? For example, BLM lands are often yellow, USFS light green, NPS blue or dark green, etc. I've found this, ...
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INSPIRE Regulations and "timeliness"

Firstly, I hope I'm not asking too general a question. I'm being told by one of our public agencies that I can't be given permission to republish a dataset for protected areas in a simple format, ...
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does the census bureau provide clipped / water-bounded files as nice as certain cities?

this question says they do but when i compare what i can find in the cartographic boundary files section of the census bureau's gis page, they don't look as good as certain shapefiles provided by the ...
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GIS files for US Special Districts?

I'm looking for GIS files (shapefiles, geoJSON, KML...) for US special districts, but I can't find them anywhere. Special districts are single-purpose local government distinct from counties and ...
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How can I convert files from a county government to shapefiles?

I work for a company that creates software for multiple listing services and real estate agents. We're expanding our coverage area into a new market, and I've been given some files for two different ...
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What apps offer the best ROI for city government? [closed]

I work in a government agency. At a town hall. I'm looking for ideas and suggestions involving technology and GIS maps. What are the trends that are up in the public sector? What is the relative ...
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To Use or Not to Use Relationship Classes?

I am building a government database from a massive amount of data. Now I am following the standard approach of the ESRI Local Government Data Model, but modified to fits the needs and wants of a ...
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List of US government free GIS data online

The US government publishes a plethora of useful, high-quality GIS data sources online. The data includes: Municipal and international boundaries Classified points of interest Geographic maps ...