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Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) is a joint mission between JAXA and NASA as well as other international space agencies to make frequent observations of Earth's precipitation.

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GPM monthly data is inconsistent with the half hourly data aggregated to monthly

I wrote a code in GEE to first aggregate half-hourly GPM data into cumulative daily precipitation and then aggregate daily data into cumulative monthly data. In the next step, to ensure that my code ...
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How do you get GPM IMERG data in R?

I want to get proper GPM IMERG data with variables including time in R and work with it. I used "" and got the link list in txt file. I don't know what to do from ...
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GPM annual precipitation using Google Earth Engine

I'm trying to calculate GPM v6 annual precipitation using the Google Earth Engine, but show this error: Line 11: ee.ImageCollection(...).select(...).filterDate(...).filterBounds(...).clip is not a ...
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Resample of mean of ImageCollection to higher resolution

I want to resample the mean of 48 images of GPM with 10000m to MODIS in GEE. My code works perfectly for one image but the result for the mean or median of 48 images (or any number) does not correct. ...
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