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when GRASS 6.4 is the version you are using from the GRASS platform

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i.cluster command with GRASS GIS

I am trying to do an unsupervised classification using GRASS GIS software. I have hyperspectral photo and now analyzing vegetation indices. Here is what I did: Created 2000+ raster photos with ...
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How to include pixels excluded by MASK in GRASS GIS?

I have a 150km x 150km raster layer of elevation. I'm running a cell-by-cell PyGRASS script, with one step that considers all neighboring cells within a fairly large circular radius (25km). To account ...
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r.sun model crashing (GRASS GIS 7.0.4, Windows 7 Enterprise SP1)

I have been trying to run the r.sun model on a small test area but it crashes after roughly 5-6 minutes. A windows error pops up saying the program stopped working. I used it before to create an ...
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How to symbolize raster with field values in QGIS or GRASS GIS?

I have a raster with ten field values. In ArcGIS I can open and select one of the field values for symbology and it show me the values from that field. How can I handle this in QGIS? I share a ...
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Issue running r.region in GRASS command line

I'm currently attempting to use r.region to preform analysis on a specific area of a raster image. I'm receiving Lat/Long data from the step before me, but I'm having issues using that data in r....
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In ArcGIS raster calculator can you access the individual cells surrounding a central cell like you can in GRASS r.mapcalc

Is there a way to do the following in Raster Calculator in ArcGIS? In GRASS r.mapcalc you can access the cells surrounding the current cell by writing inputRaster[a,b] where a and b represent the ...
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Will Grass GIS 6s atmospheric correction take raster as input for atmospheric parameters

I am working on atmospheric correction using 6s in Grass 6.4.4 version(i.atcorr module). I want to use raster data set for atmospheric parameters. Presently I am creating an icnd (input condition)...
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GRASS via Processing Toolbox doesn't work in QGIS 2.8.3 on Mac?

I am quite new to QGIS and working with the external applications such as GRASS. When trying to launch a GRASS tool from the processing toolbox I get the following error: Missing dependency. This ...
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Set region with rounded values/coordinates

How do I set a region update with rounded coordinates. I usually set my region from a puffer around my points of interest and round up the north and east coordinates and round down the south and west ...
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