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v.out.ogr to PGDUMP using COPY

I am exporting a grass vectior dataset to a Postgis dump file using v.out.ogr (reformatted for clarity) v.out.ogr -a -n input=my_layer@mapset\ output=my_sql_file.sql format=PGDUMP It ...
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Error when importing shapefile as vector layer into GRASS GIS

I'm tried to importing an Esri shapefile into GRASS GIS using both and however methods fail with the following error message: WARNING: Table <roadsSriLanka> linked to ...
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SQL Error while using v.distance through simple python editor in grass

I try to execute the following code: grass.run_command('v.distance', from='tramstop', to='iso_tram', upload='cat',column='first_tram_distance', overwrite=True) but i get the "SyntaxError: invalid ...
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Adding extra parameter in QGIS processing in grass to close files after processing

The code below works but as this involves averaging thousands of files, grass shows an error message: Too many open files The code: ymax=31.4648437503 ymin=17.4068080185 xmax=-80.4330407378 xmin=-...
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Getting GRASS 7.4.4 Working in Python 3

I'm trying to get some GRASS functionality in a Python Script, specification r.series, but I'm struggling to import GRASS. I'm trying to uses the method outline on the GRASS Wiki, Working with GRASS ...
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113 views - Missing parameter value: WHERE condition SQL statement without where keyword is not running in QGIS 2.18.27 (but runs in QGIS 2.14). QGIS 2.18.27 has responded: Missing parameter value: WHERE condition SQL statement without where keyword. How to fix that?
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Recommended resources for viewshed generation using Grass GIS 7.4

I am working on a project where I need to create viewshed areas around towers with a radius of 5000 meters. The underlying DEM I created using free Lidar data. Uptill now I did all this on a laptop ...
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TypeError during compilation of extensions in GRASS GIS using g.extension

I am using GRASS 7.4.0 on Ubuntu 18.04. I installed grass-dev using sudo apt-get install grass-dev, and then used g.extension v.centerpoint to try to install v.centerpoint. The output is below: $g....
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Erasing part of line vector outside raster region using GRASS?

I need to delete all the vector 'part' that it's outside the yellow raster region. How can I do it?
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GRASS tool produces empty output - QGIS 3.2.2

I want to split a network shapefile by cost isolines. I have two layers a point layer (with 297 records) a road network layer Every time I run the GRASS module in QGIS 3.2.2 on the road ...
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warning message when runing GRASS 7.4 in QGIS 3.0 for Mac 10.13.4

I'm trying to run r.reclass (GRASS 7.4) in QGIS 3.0 GIRONA in a Mac iOS HIGH SIERRA. Neverteheless, when I run the comand there is noresults at all but a warning message: WARNING: Default locale ...
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Installed GRASS Addons not appearing under modules [windows 10, grass 7.4.0]

I have installed GRASS 7.4.0 and then use the console to install the addons, r.denoise and r.patch.smooth. However, when I want to run these tools there is nothing under the addons section in the ...
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GRASS GIS 7.4 in Linux for command line usage - setting up environment (.bashrc file)

I need to use GGRAS GIS 7.4.0 on Linux server (Debian 8.10 Jessie) via command line (with flag --exec) and I'm still having troubles with it. Description: I compile and install GRASS GIS 7.4.0 with ...
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