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when GRASS 7.8 is the version you are using from the GRASS platform

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g.gui.rlisetup configuration file missing

I am trying to calculate the shannon diversity index ( for a landscape using the tool in GRASS GIS 7.8.7. My input file is a raster of my different land covers with an assigned ...
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GRASS r.texture :g.proj symbol lookup error

--Problem Description I am trying to use grass within a python code thanks to the grass_session and grass_scirpt packages. I am not very familiar with the "session" part. From what i ...
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Opening GRASS GIS 7.8.4 Results in Error

When trying to create a new location in GRASS GIS 7.8.4 on a machine running Windows 11 I get the following error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\PROGRA~1\QGIS32~1.1\apps\grass\...
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Error on operating GRASS 7.8 and r.avaflow

I am using GRASS 7.8 and r.avaflow training data ( to run my first simulation. When I tried to run this .sh file (with g.region, r.mapcalc, etc.): #...
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Problems to execute

I try to open a Lidar file in GRASS GIS 7.8.5 and 7.9 in a Macintosh computer. However, when I try to open the tool, it appears: No such file or directory: ''.
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Using GRASS i.segment in Python 3 stand alone script on Windows10

I installed GRASS GIS 7.8.1 on Windows 10 using a OSGeo4W. I would like to use in a stand alone Python 3 script the i.segment GRASS tool. I saw some related questions (e.g., Using GRASS GIS in Python ...
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GRASS GIS, modules: How to fix "ERROR: Illegal areas disposition"?

While trying to run commands in examples of GRASS GIS module, I get the error. This is the output I get from commands in the examples grass_cmd_output(Language:Japanese) (Fri Sep 4 13:12:18 2020)...
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GRASS GIS 7.8 Delete mapset from command line

Within GRASS GIS 7.8, a new mapset can be created using g.mapset -c mapset=mapset location=location, but is it possible to delete a mapset from the command line? I know that a mapset can be removed ...
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How to display graphics in IOS when connected remotely with Linux server?

I am trying to work using GRASS GIS for my data remotely from Mac. Here is what I have done: XQuartz was installed and run; Terminal was run. I typed: ssh -Y root@IPaddress Then I typed: grass64 (to ...
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eval and cats is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file in GRASS GIS

I'm trying to do the r.lfp and r.accumulate examples for multiple longest flow paths, except I keep getting the "eval" or "cats" "is not recognized as an internal or external ...
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GRASS GIS add-on error

I installed i.ann.maskrcnn in GRASS GIS 7.8.3 but, I got error message in the picture. How can I download metadata file about this tool?
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Why graphical models from GRASS 7.6 don't work in GRASS 7.8?

I was working in some graphical model with grass and developed in GRASS GIS 7.6. Now I did an update with osgeo instaler from GRASS 7.6 to GRASS 7.8. When I try to run a graphical modeler nothing ...
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Using Pygrass Functions in Jupyter gives XML Error

I have been trying to use pygrass from grass78 with Python 3.7 inside a Jupyter notebook and have run into an issue where I can import grass modules, but cannot call any pygrass functions, e.g, r....
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Upgrade to GRASS 7.8 - "NameError: name '_' is not defined"

I have recently updated to GRASS 7.8 and I am now getting this error any time I try to execute a command: leni@eecdd4f59c3b:/app$ grass78 Default locale not found, using UTF-8 Default locale settings ...
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