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A gravity-model for GIS can be used to do a site-analysis.

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Geophysical Gravity/Magnetic data CSV to QGIS to Shaded Contour

I am learning how to use QGIS and I have some geophysical data; aeromagnetic and gravity data that I would like to visualize. The data is currently in CSV format and I am unsure how I should go about ...
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Gravity map GOCE

I'm trying to produce a gravity map out of some GOCE (Gravity field and steady-state Ocean Circulation Explorer) data I downloaded from ESA's (European Space Agency) GOCE archive. I'm trying to follow ...
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Gravity/Huff model tools in QGIS without rasterlang plugin?

As the person of this question: Gravity/Huff model tools I am looking for a tool to simulate a gravity model using a point-based layer. As in the case there, my points have a z-value and the higher ...
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Clustering points in postgresql to create contour map

UPDATE: To try to make this a little more simple, is it possible to create a query which selects a group of points such that each point in the group is at most X units away from at least one other ...
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How do I choose parameters for the Huff model that best fit my data?

I'm using the Huff model for some analysis I'm doing. For those not aware, the Huff model is a probabilistic model for retail trade area analysis. H_ij is the probability that a person at location i ...
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Gravity/Huff model tools

I am looking for a way to simulate a gravity model using a point-based layer. All my points are assigned a z-value and the higher this value, the larger is their "sphere of influence". This influence ...
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Open-source GIS implementation of the Huff model

This might be a stretch, but I was wondering if anyone implemented gravity modeling tools or scripts for Retail Market Analysis (like the Huff Model), to analyze spatial data for customer-store ...
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