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Getting cluster centers of entire "result" image (final gridded clustered image) [closed]

I have got the cluster centers by clustering the training data. Click How to get cluster centers and their values in Google Earth Engine? to review the relevant question. I still wonder whether the ...
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Getting cluster centers and their values in Google Earth Engine

I want to do clustering of an area in Google Earth Engine using temperature and precipitation (maybe more variables in the future). I have got the clustering result, but still want to know the ...
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How to choose limited number of points to represent a point grid

I need to choose a few points to represent the grid below, e.g: 8 points in the grid below. This point need to be geographic distributed This points needs to be geographic distributed. Lets see a bad ...
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Regular-grid-cluster plugin for Leaflet

I am starting with Leaflet and I am trying to use the Regular-grid-cluster plugin with no success. The following code works until the definition of the 'const grid' element. So, I can see the markers ...
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