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Questions tagged [grid-north]

Grid North is the direction of North in a grid, that is, the direction of North implied by one of the sets of grid lines.

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pyproj return meridian_convergence of -0.0 degrees for given point in 4326

I am trying to get the correct meridian_convergence for my given point in EPSG:4326 When I try to run the following code I am getting -0.0 were expecting I 0.6 degrees. import pyproj lat, long = 30....
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Rotating a shapefile to North in QGIS

In QGIS 3.x, is there a way to rotate a 50 x 2 metre rectangle (ESRI shapefile) to exactly grid/map North (0.0 degrees in British National Grid) whatever angle it has been drawn at originally, but ...
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Calculating convergence angle for point data in QGIS

I have been a user of ArcGIS Desktop for many years and this function is easily done within ArcMap using the 'Calculate Grid Convergence Angle (Cartography)' tool. I am wondering if there is a ...
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meridian convergence local coordinate systems [duplicate]

I am new to the concept of meridian convergence. I understand that it is the angle between True North and Grid North. But I have problems understanding how meridian convergence affects local ...
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Grid or True North In QGIS

With Qgis general settings and changing nothing on the preferences window, which north system (true north or grid north) will be activated ? Would it be determined by selection datum, for instance ...
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