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Grids and Graticules include reference grids, measured grids and graticules

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How can I add a grid (from projection MTM8) on my layers

I need to add a grid on a map I created with my own layers and GPS data. How can i do this? I know how to do it in Arcgis, but not in QGIS.
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Generating shapefile containing UTM grid (graticule)?

I'm looking for a shapefile containing an 1000m or 2000m UTM grid ("graticule"). All I was about to find on the web is a 10000m UTM grid (here: and I am aware that a ...
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Using Make Grids and Graticules Layer in ArcMap?

I'm trying to use the Make Grids and Graticules Layer tool in ArcMap (have a ArcInfo license). I'm looking for a basic example like in North America. eg. Start with empty map Set data frame to ...
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Altering graticule intervals logically in varying map scales using ArcPy and/or Data Driven Pages?

This question appears on many sites and I was wondering if there was a script that is now available that resolves it? My workarounds have been to create multiple mxd's that just hold the same scale ...
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Achieving more than basic labelling of Reference Grids (Graticules, Measured Grids) in ArcMap [closed]

I'm happy to be corrected, but at the moment I do not think it is possible to meet any of the following mapping requirements using either ArcMap or ArcPy: Label measured grids using a format like ...
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Coordinate grid display on a rotated map

I have a series of maps that require me to rotate my data frame within my layout screen (north "rarely" points up in these maps). I ONLY want to show east coordinates on the top/bottom and ONLY north ...
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What to call these types of grids?

In a GIS application I'm developing there's an option to show two types of grids. First is a standard lat/lon grid. Second is a crosshair with marks and distances in four directions away from the ...
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Arcmap 10 corner label measured grid

I am using the corner label feature in Arcmap 10. This allows you to set the "Numer of principal digits" and the "Number of base digits". What do these properties refer to?
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Adjusting custom grid intervals based on map scale for PMF published from ArcMap for ArcReader

I am preparing a pmf which includes a custom grid overlay. To clarify: a custom grid overlay is marginalia, not a feature class with geometry (so a scale dependecy inside a layer won't work). The ...
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Arcobjects - Properties Grid

Does anybody know a way, in VBA, to change the grid interval? For example: if my layout´s scale is 1:2000, my grid will have 200 meters interval and my layout´s scale is 1:5000, my grid will have 500 ...
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Adding labeling expression to Custom Overlay Grid in ArcGIS Desktop?

I have a custom overlay grid whose labels are driven by an ugly attribute field which contains unnecessary leading zeroes and other labeling no-nos. How can I introduce a labeling expression to this ...
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Labeling coordinate value at 4 corners of graticule in ArcGIS Desktop?

Is it possible to label automatically lat/long values at 4 corners: upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right of the graticule in Arcgis (10)? I have not found the way to do that so far.
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Ordnance Survey grids - download or generate?

Does anyone know a source from which to download vector UK Ordnance Survey grids at varying resolutions? Or failing that, a tool that can create an OS grid at a specified resolution? There are plenty ...
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