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The H3 geospatial indexing system is a multi-precision hexagonal tiling of the sphere indexed with hierarchical linear indexes.

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H3-Python: How to generate hex bins over shapefile?

I am trying to generate hexbins over my shapefile to eventually cluster other geospatial events to them using H3. Here is my process, but I am wondering if there is a better way. # packages from h3 ...
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How to obtain the minimal covering of a circle with H3 hexagons?

Given an EPSG:4326 lon,lat coordinate pair, and a radius r in meters, I want to find the smallest set of H3 hexagons at resolution res that completely covers the circle centered at lon,lat with radius ...
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How would I display H3 hexagons on top of Mapbox GL React native

I want to make an interactive app where users can view crime rates in their area by pulling in geo-data from the met police website. I have gotten the Mapbox map to display but I am trying to figure ...
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h3 grids wrapping around projected map

I am trying to create a map out of a file with millions of points. To make this tractable, I am using h3 to aggregate the points. After doing the aggregation using a combination of h3 and pandas in ...
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How to convert GeoJSON points to H3 hexagons in Python

I am trying to take a geojson file of points and convert it to H3 hexagons in my Python script. In JavaScript, there is a separate package called geojson2h3, but the Python h3 module has a method ...
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Visualize uber h3 hexagon in Power BI

I have two columns. One is h3 index and other is quantifying column. I have converted each hexagon into WKT. I am not sure how I can display hexagons over a map in Power BI.
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Correctly render multiple hexagons on Mapbox

I have a GeoJSON of hex indexes, which I am trying to render on to Mapbox. Here is my code (ignore the indentation): export default class App extends Component { constructor() { super(); ...
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Executing Geojson2h3 on the browser without Nodejs

I am trying to execute Geojson2h3 on the client browser without Nodejs. I have imported the 'geojson2h3.js' javascript file. However, I am getting an error with the following code. I am hoping that ...
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PostGIS/PostgreSQL Heavy performance issues with SUM

Not sure if this is specific of GIS stuff or simply a SQL performance issue, but due to the nature of the issue and that I am working with H3 data types here it goes I have a query that runs very ...
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H3 Hexagon Geometry join on MSA Geometry

I have a pandas DataFrame with h3 hex ids and corresponding Polygon geometries and a geojson file with Texas Metro Area Geometries. I'd like to join the H3 hex ID to Metro area and identify which ...
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Load and Display already H3-JS binned dataset in Openlayers

I have a website that uses h3-js to bin the points and store them in a geoJSON file. Then I call a function that counts the number of points in each of the hexagons after the H3-JS hexabinning and ...
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Convert output of h3_distance() to km in SQL

H3's documentation states that the H3_distance() function returns "The distance between two H3 cells, expressed as the minimum number of hexagon 'steps' required to get from the origin to the ...
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