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HAND (height above nearest drainage) is a hydrologically-relevant terrain model that normalizes topography according to the local relative heights found along a drainage network.

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Generate Height Above the Nearest Drainage (HAND) using QGIS

I have a DEM I want to generate a HAND for and want to do so in QGIS. Does anyone know of any plugins or the processing steps to be able to do this?
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Are two rasters the same, including null values, in ArcGIS desktop?

I am working on a task to calculate Height Above Nearest Drainage (HAND) - that is the height above the nearest point along the flow path that is on a drainage - not the geographically nearest ...
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Correcting Errors in Height Above Nearest Drainage (HAND) model

I have used this tread Spatial Analysis - Calculate a cells elevation (height) above the nearest stream cell to create a HAND map in ArcGIS. First I used the hydrology toolset to fill in sink in the ...
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Explanation of HAND (height above nearest drainage) model procedure

i tried to follow this procedure Spatial Analysis - Calculate a cells elevation (height) above the nearest stream cell but i have some problem to understand everything. I mean the 2th answer in the ...
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How to remove negative values from a created HAND model

I have used ArcGIS to create a HAND (height above nearest drainage) using an SRTM DEM. However, some small portions have negative values in the model which is supposed to have zeros as the minimum ...
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Raster manipulation in ArcGIS - Flood Mapping with HAND

I am trying to create flood maps using the height above nearest drainage (HAND) method using data from the continental flood inundation mapping (CFIM) project. I have the following data: A raster map ...
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