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Did Sentinel 2 L2A products significantly improve since 2021?

We have a project for detecting vegetation change/vitality in Switzerland (NDVI/NBR based), where a few years ago, we decided against Sentinel 2 L2A products since there were a few known issues, e.g. ...
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Harmonized Landsat-7 NDVI time series values are all the same when calculated with Google Earth Engine

I wanted to calculate the NDVI time series of multiple points using Google Earth Engine. I'm using Collection 2 Level 2 Landsat-7 and Landsat-8 imagery to calculate the NDVI time series. However, when ...
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How to harmonize catalog to target density

My original catalog: has a mean density of 2.2 points/m2, but some areas have a higher density. : > plot(lidR::grid_density(ctg, 1), main = "Density grid 1x1 m ", breaks = c(0,2,3,5,16), ...
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