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HEC-GeoHMS Outlet Point Connectivity

The "Check Data" option in HMS tab of HEC-GeoHMS is showing a problem in the VIP relevance points which is as follows: Checking project points [VIP points]... Checking VIP Point: Outlet1 ...
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Accessing data in HEC-HMS that cannot be exported?

In HEC-HMS 4.8 it is possible to export data via the GIS module. However not all data can be exported, for example the location of sinks or reconditioned terrain data is not available for export. Is ...
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Error using HEC-HMS via command line

I am attempting to invoke HMS to run headlessly by prompting a batch file containing the following: cd C:\Program Files\HEC\HEC-HMS\4.4 hec-hms -s C:\Users\abudhabikid\Desktop\TESTING\Project\...
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Basin shapefile into HEC-HMS coordinate system issue

I am trying to import a basin shapefile into HEC-HMS without going through with the whole HEC-GeoHMS process in an attempt to use HEC-HMS to calculate PMP values for the drainage area. I make a new ...
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Parameters of the Muskingum-Cunge Model in HEC-HMS

I'm trying to simulate the flow of a river in HEC-HMS and for the routing model, I have chosen to use Muskingum-Cunge. In preparing the model, I used HEC-GeoHMS. When I got to check the parameters ...
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Creating Slope from DEM in ArcGIS Desktop so that information is in feet per mile?

I'm trying to get the Time concentration for the ModClark method in Hec-HMS, and one of the variables is Slope in feet per mile. I have a DEM for the sub basin that I've download, the elevation was ...
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