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a graphical representation of the distribution of observed data across the spectrum of classes of values.

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Zonal Histogram - Python

My main goal is to get the percentage of vegetation cover of gardens. The figure below shows the gardens (orange borders) with vegetation and non-vegetation. I want for each garden the percentage of ...
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QGIS equivalent to the ArcMap Zonal Statistics as Table

Is there a QGIS equivalent to the Arc: Spacial Analyst: Zonal: Zonal Statistics as Table? Given the USDA Cropland Data Layer, Would like to count the pixels by type within a county.
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Trying to understand Otsu method code in GEE

I hope this question is OK, I know it's not usual kind of questions that are being posted here. I am trying to apply Otsu method on image in GEE. For that I have used the code that can be found here :...
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Extracting pixel values in sample polygons in Google Earth Engine

I am trying to generate histogram of pixel values for my sample polygons. I used the code suggested on Histogram Matching in Google Earth Engine. Its working but I am not able to control the bin size ...
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Create histograms in QGIS

I need some help to produce histograms regarding my data about an algae density collected in 8 sampling sites, 4 times a year, for 5 years. I would like to analyse them, underlining the differences ...