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What does this symbol mean on an 1853 GLO map?

This is a segment of an 1853 GLO survey map from the Bureau of Land Management in Oregon. Does anyone know what the wavy line with the light blue gradient running alongside denotes? I've tried ...
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Georeference historic/medieval map

I have a historic map similar to Sexta Europae tabula, with a seemingly degree-based coordinate system marked along the border. Wikipedia suggests that this could be the one Ptolemy used in his maps (...
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Offset after georeferencing of an old maritime map of Quebec

For some time, I have been trying to georeference an old map of Quebec. On photo 1, there is the indication on the projection. Map from 1936-1937, with small corrections in 1946 I use the coordinate ...
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Substracting rasters with a "buffer" to ignore slight offset?

I would like your help to understand my problem and formulate the appropriate question about it. I have two maps of the same place at two different years, one from 1900, other from 1957 (British ...
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Georeferencing set of historical maps to each other then georeferencing set to current map using ArcGIS Pro

I have a set of 10 hand-drawn maps from the 1930's that all appear to have the same carbon-copied basemap (the streets and shorelines look identical). They were scanned from Arch D size linen paper so ...
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Export distortion grid and displacement vectors from MapAnalyst and use them in QGIS: incorrect projection

I use MapAnalyst, a FOSS tool for the accuracy analysis of old maps. The tool creates, between else, Distortion Grids and Displacement Vectors/Circles (see screenshot). These can be exported as ...
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Avoid warping when georeferending non-equirectangular map in QGIS3

I am trying to georeference an old map of Italy ( using QGIS3. I've set a reasonable ...
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Changing pixel size of georeferenced historical map

I have georeferenced an old toposheet from the US Army toposheet repository. However, when I look at the georeferenced map, it looks very grainy (i.e. pixel size is too big). How do I make it easier ...
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Georeferencing a historic map to a local custom coordinate system

I want to georeference a map (TIFF) from 1965 using the grid crosses as ground control points. The map is in the local coordinate system which I calculated and wrote a custom coordinate system for. ...
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Keep the map straight with arcgis projections

I need to overlap DEM file with an historical map. The historical map doesn't have georeferencing so I need to add some control points, but when I do this the map is distorted. There is a way to ...
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QGIS how can I open my own map into QGIS (not an Open Street Map)? [closed]

I am working on a project, that shows a list of German institutes financed by a treaty in the year 1949. Therefore I need to work with an historical map of this year, which I have. How can I upload ...
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Combine polygons from different sources

I am currently working on a project where I try to reconstruct historical borders of the austro-hungarian empire between 1815 and 1918. Therfore I use the comination of digitized old maps an legal ...
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What typeface is used for County Boroughs on OS 6" to Mile Maps?

I came across this wonderful typeface on an OS 6" to Mile map (from National Library of Scotland): By perusing the Characteristics Sheet it looks like it is representing a county borough (or country ...
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Identifying coordinate system of historical map for Arctic Ocean?

I have a historical map (Arctic Ocean) with unknown CRS system. In order to compare it with my results, I have to merge them somehow. Could someone suggest the closest possible coordinate ...
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Mapping multiple historical routes from lists of points

I'm working with a spreadsheet of data culled from historical archives, in which I've got a list of travelers, each with a start location and an end location (lat/long). Some also have known ...
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How to calculate walking distance between multiple addresses? - QGIS

I am working with historical data and I would like to calculate the walking distance between multiple addresses. For instance, in my excel dataset I have someone who lived on 1 Laurierstraat in ...
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Geo-referencing historical topographical in ArcMap using the original grid

I am trying to geo-reference a series of maps of the German Military service in ArcMap or ArcGIS Pro using the coordinate grid (in red) provided by the German Military during the WWII. The attached ...
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Seeking shapefiles of world in pre-WW2?

I'm in search for shapefiles that show all countries of the world as they looked like in the early 1930s, somewhen between WW1 and WW2. I have some for Europe for the different years of the 20th ...
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What datums were used in North America before NAD27?

What datums were used in North America before NAD27? I googled around on this without luck. Also I found an old nautical chart of Lake Michigan, dated 1876, which states: Longitudes on this map ...
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Loading and georeferencing historic maps using QGIS?

I have recently started working with QGIS. I am unsure of how to go about inserting historical maps which have no referencing data. I think it might be possible to insert them, then move and scale ...
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Seeking historical shapefiles of Europe in modern era

Is there a source for historical shapefiles of Europe in the modern era, i.e. starting ca. 1400? I know that "where can I find historic border data" questions were asked multiple times but I couldn't ...
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What do these curly graphics represent on this map?

What do the two curly graphics to the left and right of this map represent? They are the only two on the map and seem to be attached to the border of an area. I'm sorry I haven't posted the full map, ...
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Is There A Term For The Old Maps That Had Lines Connecting Pin-Wheels?

Many old maps have lines like below. Is there a term for a map with that type of lines? (from My best hypothesis is that ...
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Plotting approximate geospatial data on historical map? [closed]

Our library is undertaking a project to map historical data regarding 18th and 19th century British and American printers and publishers. One of the problems that we have encountered is the different ...
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