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Questions tagged [hycom]

The HYCOM consortium is a multi-institutional effort sponsored by the National Ocean Partnership Program.

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Unable to load HYCOM ocean currents WCS layers in QGIS

I'm attempting to load HYCOM ocean currents model WCS layers into QGIS. QGIS is able to access the server and the available layers at "
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How can a make a netcdf with subgroups smaller?

I'm trying to write a test for code that works with hycom netcdf global ocean circulation data. The source file 2 subdatasets: gdalinfo | grep _NAME ...
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1 vote
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How can I make geotiffs of individual depth layers in the Hycom ocean circulation models?

I am trying to pull layers from the glocal ocean circulation model Hycom. Before I go writing code to try to do this, is there a way to pull a single z depth as a geotiff? e.g. I have ...
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