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A tool present in many GIS systems and software to display the attributes of feature(s) by clicking on it/them without selecting.

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Identifying Coordinate System of Shapefile when Unknown?

I have a Shapefile but its coordinate system is Unknown, and there is no *.prj file. How can I identify it now?
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IdentifyFeature() use via PyQGIS?

Intent is to have two variables (QgsVectorLayer and within said layer) as input for the Identify feature map tool in Qgis (2.6). Wondering if a feature can be selected programmatically (...
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Identify window not opening in ArcMap? [duplicate]

My identify window no longer appears when I identify a feature in ArcMap.
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Identify particular building:part belongs to which building in OSM

Since there is different osm_ids for building:part and its respective building. Lets say is the main building and
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Get value of clicked raster cell

When I open a raster file in QGIS (for example a GeoTiff file), I want to quickly check the value of a clicked raster cell. I found there's an 'identify' tool in the toolbar, but when I click with ...
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How to identify feature from multiple layers in QGIS?

I have recently migrated from ArcGIS to QGIS. Is there any way to identify a feature having multiple layers? I am currently working with about 400 shape files and need to know which is the one I'm ...
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How to always see all band values with Identify Features of QGIS?

Does anyone know if it is possible to get the Identify Features tool in QGIS to show the band values for all the layers shown in the results window? To clarify, whilst I have several bands "showing" ...
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Identifying features using ArcGIS Engine?

I am new to arcgis. I am building a custom desktop GIS application using arcgis engine 9.3.1 . I want to make a custom identify tool and add it to toolbar control. Any example or code will be ...
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Identify Results form for virtual layers in QGIS keeps displaying wrong feature

When I load up a virtual layer and I use the Identify Results tool, it will display the correct information in the Identify Results panel, but in the feature form popup it will always display only the ...
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View image file from hyperlink in Arcmap identify tool result

I have a file path to an image file in an attribute table, eg; C:\GIS\ScannedMaps\Map1.png When I use the identify tool on the feature I can see the file path with the hyperlink lightening symbol ...
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Identify Results window not displaying in ArcMap?

When using the Identify tool in ArcMap 10.5, the feature that is identified flashes, but the Identify Results window does not display. I found the following article in esri support pages: http://...
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Identify Feature by dragging polygon over datasets using QGIS?

When using ArcGIS Desktop, I often use the Identify tool by clicking and dragging the tool over my data and identifying the features within it. Is there a way to do this in QGIS or is setting the ...
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