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Image segmentation is the process of dividing an image into multiple regions (clusters or sets of pixels), based on some criterion.

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Segmentation Image used to classify RGB image in ERDAS and GIS

My ERDAS 2013 does not have the advanced Image Objective Extension for feature extraction.. I am using thus the tool Image Segmentation (Unsupervised -> Image Segmentation) to classify my RGB image ......
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Missing Dependency in SAGA. Orfeo Toolbox does not work

I am trying to perform segmentation from Orfeo Toolbox (QGIS last version 2.2), whenever I try to use the toolbox, I get the following message: Oooops! The following output layers could not be open ...
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Seeking software programs to run supervised classification on image segmented into objects? [closed]

I am trying to run a supervised MLC classification on a multispectral remotely sensed image, however, I want the image to be classified using a shapefile of segmented image objects (as opposed to the ...
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Getting vector output segmentation algorithms to work in QGIS

I am using QGIS 2.0. I'm trying to run the Watershed Segmentation algorithm, specifically, but I have been receiving the same error message using any of the available segmentation algorithms. I'm ...
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OTB vector segmentation result is flipped

I'm using Monteverdi 2 to perform a mean shift segmentation on an image of an archaeological dig, to test the feasibility of automatic detection of elements. I've loaded the image in Monteverdi and ...
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Watershed Segmentation in SAGA-GIS [closed]

I'm trying to segment a topographic map to vectorize it. I'm using the watershed algorithm of SAGA-GIS. It's working fine with polygons, but with roads or contour lines is not working properly. Here ...
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Image segmentation in SAGA tutorials

I am searching for tutorials for the Image Segmentation modules of SAGA (version 2.0.8). The official wiki from the software doesn't contain any info on this modules, same thing happens in the ...
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How to know what spectrum image layers are in eCognition?

I'm learning to use eCognition (8.1) and my teacher has provided me with some example tif files to segment and classify. The tif files have multiple layers, each of which are supposed to represent a ...
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How do I deal with tiles in the Orfeo Toolbox segmentation?

I'm using the Orfeo Toolbox for segementation of large Very High Resolution Satellite images. It performs very well and i'm mostly very happy with it. But I still get some weird/bad results that I ...
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