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GeoNetwork 3.10 error after failed attempt to upgrade to 4.2

I tried to get back to GeoNetwork 3.10 with a PostgreSQL database backend. However even if the specifc metadata are being shown: Call to api, the GUI fails. In geonetwork.log I now see a lot of these ...
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Implementation of below equation in jupyter or gee

Explanation for the equation: where A is the azimuth of the search direction, (xi , yi )are the coordinates of the cell of interest, and (xy , yy )are the set of all cell coordinates located along the ...
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Indexing error in list in gee [is not a function)

how do I access an element from a index. I have created a list with feature and I want to access them and I am using .get function. However after getting .get it is returning error that it is not a ...
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In QGIS can I make an index grid vector dataset for a folder of orthophot extents?

I have a folder of orthophotos and I need to make a lookup grid for all the photos showing the extent of coverage for each photo in the folder. I want the attribute in the grid to have the filename (...
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ArcPy Alter Field name on *

I'm used to using open source, not ArcPy functionality. I am using the arcpy.AlterField_management() function to change field names from upper to lower case. I first ran into what looks like a common ...
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Merge polygons that overlap into a multipart polygon while maintaining the original geometries/look

Overall, I want to display an index map that shows nautical charts and their corresponding inset charts. The majority of the time these insets lay directly on top of the "parent" chart in a ...
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Missing indices when extracting vertices and edges from polygon

Given a polygon with holes from shapely.geometry import Polygon import geopandas as gpd # Polygon exterior: p = [[20,767],[54,744],[107,707], [190,654],[265,609],[363,548], [462,484],[514,447],[603,...
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Loop to download worldmet data in R

I'm rather new to R. I am trying to create a loop to download worldmet data for each uk weather station for a particular year. I have found a previous link but still unable to get the required output -...
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How to create non spatial index for geopackage data?

I know QGIS/GDAL can create a spatial index for data in a geopackage. But what about non spatial data, how do I create an index for a non spatial data column using QGIS/GDAL for a geopackage data set?
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Getting index of selected rows in QGIS Field Calculator

Suppose I make a selection on some layer and I want to apply some function on only those records. I know there's a box you can check in the Field Calculator for this, but is there a function/...
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