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Use this tag for Questions which are specific to the country of Indonesia

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The length of Benoa bay of Bali island [closed]

Since Indonesia's spatial data infrastructure is terrible, how can I know the length in a kilometre of Benoa bay of Bali island, Indonesia? I tried to google it and shockingly I didn't get any ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Searching pre-1998 Indonesia Kabupaten (Level 2) shapefile

I am trying to find some "old" (pre-1998) Indonesia boundary shapefiles at the Kabupaten and province levels. It is important that they are pre-1998, or at least dating before the peak of ...
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3 answers

Indonesia Level 3 Administrative Shapefile

I've been looking for Indonesia shapefile for level 3 or more administrative boundary and I still haven't found it yet. I found in ( but it only level 2. So anyone know where I could find it? ...
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Choosing Equal Area Projection and Standard Parallels for Indonesia?

I am trying to do area computation stuff over whole of Indonesia and as such, am using the following projection: To make this ...
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How to know if shapefile is georeferenced?

I have a shapefile which is located in province in indonesia. it contains many sub-province if i removed sub regions inside a shapefile, and it leaves a small region, and my question is that small ...
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