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Questions tagged [industry]

This tag is applied to questions related to the field of GIS as an area business practice.

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29 votes
11 answers

Examples of GIS projects gone wrong?

I would like to know some examples of GIS projects that have gone wrong. i.e. Bad decisions would/were made, based upon the GIS output from that project. I am not looking at naming and shaming ...
9 votes
3 answers

Top unsung business benefits for GIS

One of the biggest criticisms of GIS professionals is typically that GIS is an underused technology and as such the professionals feel frustrated that they only get to use it in very limited ...
24 votes
4 answers

Recommend topics to be included in a Computer Science for Geospatial Technologies course

I will be instructing a course at the local university titled Computer Science for Geospatial Technologies. This is an introductory course meant to introduce computer science concepts to geospatial ...