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For general data input questions. For Lutra Consulting's "Input App", use "mergin-maps".

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Picking Input Layer according to attribute string in QGIS Graphic Modeler

My model is based on a vector layer which contains a Field with layer names. The Plan is to pick the input raster (from a directory or directly from the project layers) according to an attribute value ...
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'Could not load source layer for INPUT: invalid value' error in PyQGIS

I'm trying to implement a processing plugins in QGIS 3.28.9, but when I hit Run, it gives me a message that my polygon layer is not a polygon layer, but, it is a polygon, in fact. Can someone help to ...
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Using the Advanced Digitizing Panel in QGIS to input distance into UTM layer

I am trying to input (survey) line distance accurately using the Advanced Digitizing Panel. I am working in a layer with a UTM CRS and entering distance based on grid measurements. Unfortunately it ...
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Using an input string in a file path for a input vector layer in QGIS model

I am building a QGIS model to perform field calculations on a large number of .shp files containing environmental information of different waterbodies. This model should be global for the different ...
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Using Point input for other algorithm in QGIS Graphical Modeler

I added a Model Input "Point Input" to my model. If I now launch the model from the Processing toolbox the user can click the ... icon and click on a point on the map. How can I use the ...
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Default Layer in the Inputfield in QGIS processing script

I am writing a script and I would like to let the user choose the layer but i would like to default a layer (when it is open in the project) in the input field and if the user changes it he can choose ...
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How to specify the output of the previous algorithm as input to the QGIS "Execute SQL"?

I am trying to use the SQL Execute in the graph modeler, receiving as input the output of another algorithm. The problem is that I couldn't specify that the "input" in the FROM of the SQL ...
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Input App showing only two pictures

I am trying to add more than one pic in my QGIS project layer. Like in any one feature layer add new field (pic1, pic2,pic3, pic4 etc), but problem is Input App shows only two images in mobile Input ...
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Passing selected layer-feature inside QgisAlgorithm (in code)

In our algorithm, we do three steps: call Algorithm A AlgoA, takeResultLayer into lyr from AlgoA output, for each feature of lyr we want to run Algorithm B AlgoB . Code of my processAlgorithm looks ...
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ArcMap tool dialog says relative paths are incorrect

I have ArcMap 10.7.1 and I have created a Python script tool and tool dialog to run on it. I want to set a default value for one of my inputs on the tool dialog and have it be a relative path to a ...
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PyQGIS 3: Cannot Pass Memory OUTPUT To Next Processing Algorithm As INPUT

I am attempting to convert some ArcGIS arcpy command-line scripts to PyQGIS and am running into a problem working with memory layers. The script takes several vector files as input and progresses ...
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Changing the interface language on the Input app (iPhone)

A while ago, I downloaded the Input app for my iPhone (iOS 14.8). The interface language is set to an Asian language, and I can't figure out how to change it. I've tried to delete it and reinstall, ...
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ogr2ogr append script keeps incrementing id field in PostgreSQL/PostGIS table

I have a geopackage (from the 'input' app) which is being inserted into a postgres/postGIS table via an ogr2ogr script on a daily basis: ogr2ogr -append -f "PostgreSQL" "PG:user=xxxx ...
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Proportional symbol map in QGIS

I want to create a map of India showing 30 districts that have the highest COVID-19 cases as of 31 December 2020 using QGIS. I marked the 30 districts and added the CSV file to this layer. I want to ...
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QGIS - ValueMap with custom value input

Is there a possibility in QGIS to populate a ValueMap-like form widget with predefined data and additionally offer a possibility to fill in data (that might be missing) manually? Like an editable ...
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SCP QGIS Training input is not loading?

I am using QGIS, version 3.10.14 and the semi-classification plugin and want to create a training input, to classify different land-use-types. I followed the manual (
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Running weekly sceduled project with different input data on QGIS Server

I would like to run a QGIS project with a QGIS server, weekly scheduled. I wish the project to run with a different input data, a shapefile layer. Could such a setup be automatized with QGIS server?
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Call an input layer in field calculator for another layer

My model start by asking two input layer LAYER1 and LAYER2. Then, in field calculator for LAYER1, i want to join an attribute value from LAYER2. Using this code : attribute( get_feature( 'LAYER2','ID1'...
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My bathymetric sounder only exports to XYZ file want to input into GRASS

The export file has long, lat, elevation in a float format i.e. -70.8838319778442, 42.3222159164251, -14.6 The file is over 18 MB and each lat/long/elev is MOSTLY 1.5 meter apart and sometime maybe up ...
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Create interface for user input [closed]

I want to do something like this using Python and QGIS: And I want to save what user input in each field in 4 variables. Here is what I tried but it is not giving what I want: import sys class ...
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QGIS - Can't select Inputs for Select by Location algorithm in Graphical Modeler?

All the other questions I've seen so far are a step ahead of me. I've defined an Input for a vector layer, and am trying to use the Select by Location Algorithm. I typed the name of my Input, but the ...
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Alternative to 'Table' input in QGIS 3 Modeller

In QGIS 2 graphical modeller I had an input parameter 'Table' for spreadsheets, CSV etc. with no geometry. By now, I'm re-creating all my existing QGIS 2 models from scratch (cp. Using QGIS 2.x ...
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